November, 2004
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Compliments to Congdon


To the editor:  

I compliment Bob Congdon on his article in the September issue of the ASHI Reporter about the inspections he did for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  

It was a very interesting and very honest account  of this type of inspection work. It was also very timely. Keep up the good work, Bob.

John J. Heyn,  ASHI Member #5
J.J. Consultants
Owings Mills, Md.


Bob Congdon is not a member of the Hampton Roads Chapter, as was mistakenly noted at the end of the article, “From minor damage to mass destruction, disaster housing inspector sees it all,” in the September ASHI Reporter.

Keystone Chapter loses long-time member

To the editor,

Long-standing ASHI Member and Keystone Chapter Member Don Deitrick passed away in August. Don lived in Wernersville, Pa., and owned Berks Pro Home Inspections. He  will be missed by many.

Joe Hancaviz, Secretary
Keystone Chapter

Valuable Services

To the editor:

When I started my home inspection business I was somewhat apologetic about how much I charged my clients. During that time I was also treasurer of our local homeowners association.

One day, I received the bill to pay for our association Christmas party disc jockey. The bill was $225 for two and a half hours work! Bring in some equipment, play some songs, go home—no crawling in attics, on roofs or in crawlspaces! No liability! What a deal!

Ever since then I have never apologized for what I charge. My clients are getting a bargain.

Jack Fehlandt, ASHI Member
Mr. Perfection, Inc.
Streamwood, Ill.

Input welcomed

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