April, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Clearing Up Confusion on Complaints


There seems to be some confusion within some of our Chapters and among some of our Members regarding enforcement of Society policies, ethics, rules, etc. Only ASHI national is authorized to en-force these items. We have recently heard of some Chapters sending out letters to Members in matters of alleged policy violations, ordering them to cease their activity or be expelled. There are instances of individual Members doing this on their own as well!

While we certainly appreciate everyone’s willingness to help out, this is a highly sensitive area that must be left solely up to ASHI national to deal with. If someone is in violation, file a complaint with ASHI HQ. We have a formal complaints program and a very active and qualified complaints committee that oversees and acts upon these complaints in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Society.

Also note, complaints can only be filed on individuals, not companies. It is important to identify the individual(s) in violation who may be working for a company in question. Otherwise, ASHI has no jurisdiction, and we will not be able to process the complaint.