November, 2001
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Chapters Get the Call to Spearhead Community Service Programs


Do home inspectors care about their communities? Two public service organizations were counting on the willingness of ASHI chapters to get involved when they entered into partnership agreements with the Society.

Everything needed to organize either or both of their volunteer community service programs  locally was handed out as part of the public relations session at Chapter Leadership Day,
October 26.  

• “Protecting Our Kids from Disasters”, the Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS) nonstructural mitigation for childcare centers.

The workbook for this program includes a Project Leader’s Checklist and a Nonstructural Safety Checklist, suggestions for Publicizing Your Event, a Project Wrap-up Form and Retrofit Instructions, as well as suggestions for Leave-Behind Materials. In other words, everything a local chapter needs to put together teams of volunteers to retrofit local childcare centers against some of the injuries and damages caused by natural disasters.

• Rebuilding Together with Christmas in April, the nation's largest volunteer organization preserving and revitalizing low-income houses and communities.

Who do you call when you need volunteers to pitch in and make a community a better place for all? Rebuilding Together is calling on ASHI chapters to organize projects and volunteers to work during April, 2002 on local rehab projects.

Designate April as ASHI chapter community service month

One way to make a statement about the Membership’s interest in serving local communities is for chapters nationwide to designate April as community service month. Chapters that share news and photographs of their April activities with HQ will be featured in the June issue of The ASHI Reporter.

Photographs of and stories about the ASHI Membership donating time and labor to make childcare centers safer and to rehab the homes of the elderly and the disenfranchised deserves to be published. For more information about either program, contact Sandy Bourseau at HQ.