December, 2001
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Chapter Leadership Day 2001


If you haven’t taken the time to attend one of these Chapter Leadership Days in the past, you certainly missed not only a chance to see Chapter leaders at work, but also to see the Board of Directors and ASHI staff at work. What an experience! You name the topic, and it was discussed: legislation, membership, education, public relations, chapter involvement, ASHI direction, COR direction.

This is the place where old ideas are discussed and new ideas are born. The agenda, information and program were terrific. The opportunity to talk to other Chapter leaders, future ASHI leaders, Board members and the current ASHI headquarters leadership and staff was great. Our system works, maybe a little slowly at times, but it works. The chance to see the leadership at work was inspiring. They give us the little push needed to know when we are going in the right direction and when we are not. If not, then it’s time to change, and that’s just what happened during the leadership meeting. New ideas were discussed and new programs will be coming out to help membership, legislation, education and chapters.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend two Chapter Leadership Days and I am already looking forward to the next one. My congratulations to all who attended. Without your participation this would not have been a successful meeting.

You get out of your ASHI Membership just what you put into it. Get involved and you will reap the rewards!