January, 2014
Editor’s Note
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Certified Inspector or Toilet Flusher?


Certified Inspector or Toilet Flusher?

DO YOU EXAMINE THE HVAC SYSTEM AND FURNACE, go into crawl spaces and attics, and inspect roofs, or do you just flush the toilets and flip light switches?

Are you a properly prepared home inspector who spent days in a classroom and trained in the field before taking rigorous tests, or someone who spent a couple of hours online, sent in your credit card information and became a “home inspector”?

Do you back your work with the ASHI Client Bill of Rights or do you not return calls when a client has a complaint?

Do you follow ASHI’s Standard of Practice or the “whatever I need to report to stay on the real estate agent’s good side” practice?

Do you adhere to ASHI’s Code of Ethics or the “whatever I can get by with to get inspections thrown my way” code?

Do you see a pattern here? I’ve heard some say that ASHI inspectors are arrogant about their credentials. Well, as a homebuyer, I would rather have an arrogant inspector who knows what he or she is doing and does a thorough job on the biggest expenditure of my life than someone who goes around and flushes all the toilets and flips all the light switches and then tells me everything is fine with the house. There is a reason you belong to the industry-leading association in the home inspection business. There is a sloppy, wrong way to do your job and then there is the ASHI way. The American Society of Home Inspectors is a professional trade association. And ASHI members are professional inspectors.

Steve Hawkins
ASHI Reporter Editor