September, 2006
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Central New York Chapter Members Share Their Expertise


What would three Central New York Chapter members talk about on a radio call-in show called “Ask the Experts?”  How to hire a home inspector, of course. Tom Sherman, CNY chapter president, said they also discussed “the standards to become a member of ASHI, why it is imperative to use an ASHI inspector, home inspections in general, and radon testing.”

In addition to promoting ASHI to the public, the chapter offers inspection tips to its membership through a monthly electronic newsletter, the CNY-ASHI Observer. The August issue included the following Inspection Tip of the Month:

“When you are inspecting a house with vinyl siding this time of the year, be aware that vinyl is generally expanded to its max. You may notice waviness if it was not cut to allow for this expansion. Also, look for signs of nails being driven too tightly, which can also give a wavy or buckled appearance. Sadly, my Aunt Tillie has the ability to nail up vinyl siding, though having it installed correctly takes skill, knowledge and the desire not to cut corners.”


ASHI Members Dave Gambocarto and Greg Haley joined Sherman and talk show host Jim Lerch on “Ask the Experts.”

Could Your Chapter Win The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award?

An ASHI Member established the ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award for Participation at InspectionWorld because he attributes his personal success as a home inspector and the prosperity of his multi-inspector firm to the ideas and information acquired by regularly attending InspectionWorld.
That’s a ringing endorsement for the annual event. And, now there’s an additional incentive for taking advantage of all the conference has to offer. 

Help your chapter win

Chapters with the highest percentage of membership registration in two separate categories will be eligible to receive recognition and a $750 award.

Get the excitement going. Aim for 100 percent attendance from your chapter. Encourage members of your chapter to make their plans early to enjoy the education and camaraderie waiting for them in California in January.

The Award has been funded by a donation of $15,000, to be invested by ASHI’s staff, and the proceeds used in accordance with the ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award guidelines, which are available in PDF format. 

Questions? Contact Bob Kociolek at HQ,

Put your chapter in the national spotlight

Chapter news is a regular feature in the ASHI Reporter, now available in print and online. Don’t let your chapter be left out. Send a photo of your newly elected officers or chapter volunteers working at a home show or participating in a community project. Describe a recent educational meeting or program that is helping to attract new members. Join the several chapters that regularly contribute. It’s as easy as e-mailing photos and stories to