October, 2010
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Bylaws, Auxiliary Standards and New Leaders: All on the Ballot


Next month, ASHI's voting members (ASHI Certified Inspectors and Retired Members in good standing) will receive a ballot to vote on the three following issues:

1. Amending the ASHI Bylaws prescribing how the society is governed.
The draft proposal is posted on the ASHI website, Members Only, Publications, Board Meeting Materials & Reports. Read a report from the Governance Task Force on Page 28 of the September Reporter, and an overview from the council speaker on Page 29 of the same issue.

2. Adopting two sets of Auxiliary Standards of Practice, which address services other than traditional home inspections. The first two of these auxiliary standards are The Standards of Professional Practice for Predrywall Inspections (PD Standards) and The Standards of Professional Practice for Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections (Pool Standards). To view the draft auxiliary standards, visit www.ashireporter.org or the Downloads and Forms section of the Members Only website. To read FAQs, go to Page 18 of the September Reporter.

3. Electing ASHI Officers and Certification Committee Members for 2011. If the amendment to the governance Bylaw passes, it will take effect with the elections for 2012. See below for information about the election of leaders for 2011.

ASHI's Annual Elections

Officers: Officer nominations closed Aug. 15 and the matrices submitted by ASHI Certified Inspectors seeking an officer's position for 2011 were turned over to the Officers Nominating Committee.

The committee slated the following members:
Bill Jacques, president-elect; Charles Gifford, vice president; Mike Stephens, secretary; and Alden Gibson, treasurer

Those who submitted matrices meeting the submission requirements, but were not slated by the committee, may have their names placed on the ballot by petition.

A petition of 10 percent of ASHI Certified Inspectors in good standing can cause the name of a qualified ASHI Certified Inspector to be added to the ballot for a specific office. Petitions must be presented on a special form available only from ASHI Headquarters and require the name (printed) and the signature of each petitioner, as well as the office in which the petitioner would serve, if elected. The form must be received by mail or fax at headquarters at least 10 days prior to the distribution of the ballots. Staff will verify the validity of the petition prior to placing the name of a candidate for office on the ballot. Ballots will be mailed to ASHI Certified Inspectors and Retired Members by Nov. 1, 1010.

Campaigning positively by or about any candidate is permissible as long as no ASHI assets are used. Staff, Nominating Committee and Election Committee members shall not participate in campaigning. Nominees or petition candidates for an officer or board of director position may purchase mailing labels or lists of qualified voting members' contact information from headquarters at cost. Negative campaigning (against candidates or nominees) is not permitted. The Election Committee should preview campaign statements or materials in advance if there is any uncertainty about the appropriateness of their contents.

Certification Committee members:
Certification Committee member nominations closed Aug. 15. The committee shall consist of seven voting members serving a staggered two-year term with a limit of two terms. No member of the Board of Directors (except for ex-officio non-voting members) or members of the Education Committee may serve on the Committee. "The first Certification Committee shall be exempt from Bylaw 8.2.7.c., second sentence as follows: The first serving members of the Certification Committee may simultaneously include serving ASHI board members and officers. As the committee term of each initial member of the Certification Committee expires or terminates, the replacement Certification Committee Member shall be subject to 8.2.7.c, second sentence so that he/she shall not simultaneously serve as both a Certification Committee Member and as a member of the board or as an ASHI officer." 1. Each year, two ASHI Certified Inspectors will be nominated by the Officers Nomination Committee and elected by secret ballot of the membership in the manner stated in 7.2.2. Petition candidates are eligible in the manner stated in 7.2.4.

Directors: The Directors Nominating Committee is charged with creating a slate of five new, non-officer board members and one alternate from the matrices received from ASHI Certified Inspectors in good standing who served a minimum of one year on the Council of Representatives for a term beginning no later than Oct. 1, 2009. Nominations closed Aug. 15, 2010. Ballots will be mailed to council representatives on Nov. 1, 2010.

Annual Business Meeting

The American Society of Home Inspectors will conduct its annual business meeting at InspectionWorld Atlanta.

Call for Changes to ASHI's Standards of Practice

The Standards Committee invites suggestions for changes and additions to ASHI's home inspection Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics (Standards). Those who have submitted suggestions during 2010 need not resubmit.

When submitting a change or addition, please indicate the Standards section affected and exactly how you believe the change or addition should be worded. Please include your name and contact information.

ASHI's Standards are pre-eminent for many reasons. One of those is that it is a living document. Like all living things, it must adapt to a changing environment in order to thrive. On the other hand, change to something that obviously is successful should occur only for good reasons and after careful consideration.

Please submit suggestions and direct any questions to Bruce Barker, Committee chair, at inspectorbruce@cox.net. You also may bring suggestions to the Standards hearing at InspectionWorld in Atlanta.

The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award

The chapter in each of two categories with the highest percentage of registered members to attend InspectionWorld is awarded a Chapter Enterprise Award, which includes $750. There are a few additional guidelines, but the purpose of the award is simple — to encourage chapter members to participate in InspectionWorld together. Find the story behind the award and complete guidelines here. Questions? Contact Russell Daniels at russelld@ashi.org.

Tom Byrne Memorial Scholarship Award

ASHI past-president John Palczuk will announce the first recipient of the Tom Byrne Memorial Scholarship at InspectionWorld Atlanta. Charter Member and Past-President Tom Byrne was committed to educating new home inspectors. In his memory, Carson Dunlop & Associates and The ASHI Foundation will refund the full tuition of the ASHI@Home Training System, currently valued at $3,500, to the student who completed the System with the highest overall marks from December 1, 2009, to December 1, 2010. The recipient must be pursuing a career in home inspection. Details to follow.