August, 2003

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Before You Leave for Albuquerque


Make sure, when visiting Albuquerque during InspectionWorld that you leave a morning available to take a hot air balloon ride. Seeing the countryside from the basket of a hot air balloon as the sun rises over the desert is the experience of a lifetime!
Unique atmospheric conditions make Albuquerque “The Ballooning Capital of the World.” The ride itself once you have ascended will take an hour or so, typically followed by a brief celebration for the first-timers in the group.

If you are afraid of heights, as my wife is, don’t look straight down when you are in the basket. You will still enjoy the flight.

Why do I mention this to my fellow home  inspectors?

Years ago the hot air balloon “bug” bit me. My wife and I have attended many balloon festivals around the country. I’ve flown five times – every flight was absolutely beautiful. I’ve crewed and have been part of the “chase crew” for a number of balloonists, most recently for World Balloon of Albuquerque. I will be part of their crew again this fall at the 2003 Phoenix Thunderbird Balloon Classic.

Try a hot air balloon, the “Gentle Giant”– it will make your trip to Albuquerque really memorable.

Jack Fehlandt, ASHI Member
Mr. P Inc.
Streamwood, IL