July, 2008

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Award Nominations


Attention Members: Nominations open for Philip C. Monahon Award

The Philip C. Monahon Award recognizes an individual who has made exceptional and innovative contributions to the ASHI Membership.

The recipient must be an ASHI Certified Inspector who is dedicated to the goals and ideals of ASHI as stated in ASHI’s Code of Ethics and, as a member, has rendered outstanding contributions to ASHI for a minimum of five (5) years. Contributions consist of time, talent or expertise that has been beneficial to the Society, its members and the general public that ASHI ultimately serves.

Nomination of an individual:
All ASHI Certified Inspectors are encouraged to nominate someone for the Philip C. Monahon Award. The nomination should include how the individual has contributed to ASHI, as well as other vital information as to why the individual should be considered for the award.

Submissions received after the September 30, 2008, deadline will not be accepted.

Evaluation of nominees:
Nominees are evaluated by the Philip C. Monahon Award Committee, which consists of three (3) previous recipients of the award. The committee is chosen by the ASHI President from the immediate past and five previous recipients, with the chair to be chosen among themselves.

Announcement of award:
The recipient of the Philip C. Monahon Award will be announced at the Annual Conference. An annual cash donation of $500 is made to the Newton-Wellesley Hospital in the name of Philip C. Monahon. The hospital is located at 2014 Washington Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02158.

Attention Chapters: Nominations open for John E. Cox Member of the Year Award

The John E. Cox Award honors an individual who has made exemplary contributions to his or her chapter during the specified year.

The recipient must be an ASHI Certified Inspector who has rendered outstanding service to an ASHI Chapter, either over a period of years or under circumstances that are special and may not occur again. Nomination of an individual: Each chapter may submit the name and biography of one individual for the John E. Cox Award. Submissions received after the September 30, 2008, deadline will not be accepted.

Evaluation of nominees:
Nominees will be submitted to the Council of Representatives for a vote by secret ballot. The nominee receiving the most votes becomes that year’s recipient of the John E. Cox Award.

Announcement of award:
The recipient of the John E. Cox Award will be announced at the Annual Conference.

Nomination Forms

Nomination forms for both awards are on www.HomeInspector.org. Log in as a member and go to the Members section, Documents and Forms. If you’d like a nomination form faxed, call 847-759-1620 or e-mail hq@ashi.org.

The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award

Enrichment, fun, camaraderie, rewards and $750 — The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award for Participation at InspectionWorld can mean that and more for the members of two chapters that finish at the top of their respective categories. Here are the guidelines for the award:

The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award for Participation at InspectionWorld has been established by an ASHI Certified Inspector who attributes his personal success as a home inspector and the prosperity of his multi-inspector firm to the ideas and information acquired by regularly attending InspectionWorld for many years.

The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award has been funded by a donation of $15,000, to be invested by ASHI’s staff, and the proceeds used in accordance with these ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award guidelines:

 1. The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award shall be presented annually at InspectionWorld for 10 years or however many years funds remain available, commencing with InspectionWorld 2007. The current ASHI president shall present to each winning ASHI Chapter a Certificate of Appreciation and an award in the amount of $750. The awards shall be presented at the Annual Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony of InspectionWorld each year.

 2. There shall be awards given for two approximately equal-sized categories. For the 2007 awards and beyond (unless changed by ASHI staff to recognize a new median for chapter size), the categories shall be (i) chapters with 30 members or less, and (ii) chapters with membership of 31 and more. The ASHI chapter in each category with the highest percentage of registration of its members (chapter members shall include ASHI Certified Inspectors and ASHI Associates) to attend InspectionWorld, as determined by the ASHI staff, shall each be awarded the ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award. The award shall be presented to the ASHI chapter president, if in attendance, the COR Representative or other representative of the winning chapters.

 3. The basis for the awards will be the total confirmed reservations for InspectionWorld for each chapter as of close of business the December 31st preceding the date of InspectionWorld. Immediately thereafter, the ASHI staff shall compare the number of registrations for each chapter retrieved from registration forms, with the total number of members of that chapter retrieved from the ASHI database to determine the percentage of registration. In case of a tie, ASHI staff shall extend the calculation to the extent necessary to break a tie. If two chapters have identical percents (e.g., 25 of 100 and 50 of 200), two awards will be given that year.

4. No chapter shall receive the $750 award more than once every three years. If an ASHI chapter that was awarded the ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award during the previous two-year period qualifies to receive the award for the current year, that chapter shall be recognized and given a Certificate of Appreciation. The ASHI chapter in that membership category with the second highest percentage of participation of its members at InspectionWorld shall also receive a Certificate of Appreciation and the $750 award.

5. The ASHI staff and the ASHI InspectionWorld Committee may use this award in pre-convention publicity, the ASHI Reporter and other materials to encourage participation by Members and Candidates, and to prompt the COR and the chapters to encourage their members to attend InspectionWorld.

Questions? Contact Bob Kociolek at HQ, bobk@ashi.org.

Call for Nominations for 2008 Officers and Directors

2008 ASHI Officers

Source: Policy and Procedures Manual, section 15, available online at www.HomeInspector.org in the Members Only Extranet, Publications section.

Attention ASHI Certified Inspectors: Nominations currently are being accepted for the Society officer positions of president-elect, vice president,
secretary and treasurer for 2009.

Any ASHI Certified Inspector in good standing may be nominated to any office. Self-nominations are permitted, and all nominees must agree to serve if elected. ASHI Nominating and Election Guidelines require that all nominations include a completed Matrix for Evaluating Nominees. The official revised matrix is available on HomeInspector.org in the Documents section of the Members Extranet. The matrix also can be obtained by contacting ASHI Headquarters, hq@ashi.org.

As matrices are received at headquarters, the staff will verify that all nominees have agreed to serve and have submitted the necessary background information, including a response to all matrix questions.

Headquarters will verify the nominees’ status as ASHI Certified Inspectors in good standing.

Nominations will close Aug. 15, 2008, and the matrices will be distributed to the members of the Nominating Committee.

Nominating Committee Purpose

The objective of the Nominating Committee is to identify and name candidates who meet ASHI’s leadership requirements for the offices of president-elect, vice president, secretary and treasurer. All contents, discussions and documents of the meetings and their results are strictly confidential.


After the Nomination Committee names its candidates, a petition of 10 percent of ASHI Certified Inspectors in good standing can cause the name of a qualified ASHI Certified Inspector to be added to the ballot for a specific office.

Petitions must be presented on a special form available only from ASHI Headquarters and require the name (printed) and the signature of each petitioner, as well as the office in which the petitioner would serve, if elected. The form must be received by mail or fax at headquarters at least 10 days prior to the distribution of the ballots. Staff will verify the validity of the petition prior to placing the name of a candidate for office on the ballot.

Ballots will be mailed to ASHI Certified Inspectors by Oct. 31, 2008, and the election will close Nov. 30, 2008.


According to the Policy and Procedures Manual, campaigning positively by or about any candidate is permissible as long as no ASHI assets are used. Staff, Nominating Committee and Election Committee Members shall not participate in campaigning. Nominees or petition candidates for an officer or board of director position may purchase mailing labels or lists of qualified voting members’ contact information from headquarters at cost. Negative campaigning (against candidates or nominees) is not permitted. The Election Committee should preview campaign statements or materials in advance if there is any uncertainty about the appropriateness of their contents.  

Ballots will be counted the first week in December and election results will be published in the January 2009 issue of the ASHI Reporter.

Comments and questions about the nomination process are welcome. Please contact ASHI Headquarters.

2009 ASHI Directors

Attention Council Representatives: Nominations are being accepted for five new, non-officer board members and one alternate for 2009. Nominees shall be ASHI Certified Inspectors in good standing who have served a minimum of one year on the Council of Representatives, the term beginning no later than Oct. 1, 2007. Nominees must be on the council during the election process, up until the time the ballots are counted. If elected, the council member must step off the council, and the chapter will be allowed to fill the vacancy.

The Directors Nominating Committee will submit names of possible candidates  and any COR member may submit his/her name or any names as nominees. All candidates must agree to serve and provide background information, as required on a matrix that is available from HQ. Nominations close Aug. 15, 2008, and the Directors Nominating Committee selects a slate in September. Ballots are then mailed to the COR on Oct. 31, 2008.

If you have questions, please contact Bob Kociolek at HQ: bobk@ashi.org, 847-954-3177.

Annual notice

The next hearing on proposed changes to the ASHI Standards of Practice will be held in 2009. The Standards of Practice Committee accepts suggestions for changes to the Standards of Practice from ASHI Certified Inspectors from March through December.

Submission Requirements: Proposed revisions should include the current section of the Standards of Practice
affected, the proposed revision and a rationale for the proposed revision.   

Send suggestions to Richard Bennett at richardb@ashi.org.