July, 2003
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Attention Chapters: Nominations open for John E. Cox Member of the Year Award


The John E. Cox Award honors individuals who have made exemplary contributions to their chapter during the specified year.

The recipient must be an ASHI Member who has rendered outstanding service to an ASHI Chapter, either over a period of years or under circumstances that are special and may not occur again. The nominee can be a past nominee or recipient of the John E. Cox Award.

Nomination of an individual

Each chapter may submit the name and biography of one individual for the John E. Cox Award. The nomination should include how the individual has contributed to the chapter’s development, as well as other vital information as to why the individual should be considered for the award. Submissions received after the September 30, 2003
deadline will not be accepted.

Evaluation of nominees 

Nominees will be submitted to the Council of Representatives for a vote by secret ballot. The nominee receiving the most votes becomes that year’s recipient of the John E. Cox Award.

Announcement of award 
The recipient of the John E. Cox Award will be announced at the Annual Conference.