January, 2016
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Around the CoRner


One of the benefits of having a Council of Representatives (CoR) is that we are like the clearinghouse for issues facing today’s ASHI Inspector.

The CoR is your avenue for assistance, and we are busy working on your ideas and concerns. For example, the Council has put together a means to help any chapter present a seminar or other event that can help the chapter raise funds, attract new members or raise awareness about the benefits of using an ASHI Inspector in your local markets. It’s called the COMP Program and it is now under the management of the Chapter Relations Committee. This program can provide funds, logistical support and speakers for your events. There’s just one thing you have to do…let us know that you want some help and we’re there! As always, you can contact me at Speaker@ashi.org about this or any other issue.

Last month’s letter from Tom Bossard, ACI, from St. Louis ASHI has the Council in action. As a result of his suggestion that all chapter members, no matter what their membership level, should be allowed to vote in chapter elections and be listed on chapter websites, the CoR will be voting to send that motion to the Board of Directors to include in the ASHI Policies and Procedures manual. Pretty sweet, huh? That’s not all. The CoR Group Leaders are working on a national mentor database on the ASHI website, where ACIs can make themselves available to anyone across the country who would like to have a mentor. No, distance no longer matters, and those who had been hesitant to mentor people in their area can help anyone in the United States and Canada.

Remember, write me at Speaker@ashi.org and share your ideas with the CoR or ask for help. We’re here for you.

James Funkhouser • Speaker, ASHI Council of Representatives • Speaker@ashi.org