August, 2010
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On Twitter?

Become a follower on the ASHI-branded Twitter page. You'll find homeowner tips, real estate news, press releases and industry-related information. Three to four new tweets are posted each week and you're invited to join the fun.
  • ASHI has tweeted 86 times since the account first was registered on 11/12/09.
  • ASHI currently follows 100 Twitter handles (e.g., media contacts, real estate professionals, associations, home inspectors, etc.)
  • ASHI currently has 232 followers on Twitter.

Via paid-placement articles?

Following the successful coverage received from the 2009 ASHI article distributed via ARA Content, a similar article, "Home Inspections Help You Sell," was distributed this year.

While these features typically appear in smaller, local papers; this year's article also ran in higher-circulation publications including; the Star Ledger (Newark, N.J.) – Circ: 372,629; the Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, Calif.) – Circ: 189,608; and the Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.) – Circ: 140,795. This medium provides an excellent opportunity for ASHI to gain maximum exposure in smaller cities and communities where members conduct their business. The report covering this article is 16 pages long. A recap appears below.


ASHI everywhere?

Each month, ASHI receives a clipping report. The reports range from 130 to 250 pages. Results for May included the most recent press release, "Home Inspections vs. Appraisals: What's the Difference?" which was distributed via Business Wire and Cison tool. It appeared in Forbes, published in 
New York, in the San Diego Union Tribune and dozens of places in between. In addition, it has been picked up by KRVT-TV Channel 11 in Fort Worth, Texas, and several other stations.