March, 2015
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April - National Home Inspection Month



It is time to gear up for National Home Inspection Month

Take this opportunity to promote yourself and your ASHI home inspection business using the ASHI name and logo all across North America. April, May and June are the top months for real estate sales. During these rewarding sales months, take the time to help build awareness with consumers, informing them that the home inspection is one of the most critical parts of a real estate transaction when performed by a qualified ASHI inspector. Emphasize that part of the role of ASHI home inspectors is to educate purchasers on the biggest financial transaction in their lives. Potential homebuyers depend on the home inspector to put home/building criteria into proper perspective so that an informed decision can be made.

There are a variety of home inspections, not just pre-punch home inspections. Here’s a list of some types of inspections. Names may vary, depending on the area of your business.

Types of Home Inspections:

> Pre-purchase inspection: inspection prior to home purchase.

> Pre-listing inspection: inspection before listing a home for sale; also considered full disclosure for the vendor.

> Framing inspection: inspection during construction of a new home, usually initiated and conducted by the purchaser to ensure agreed-upon contract elements are in place and correct. If the builder allows, the home inspector may be included in the inspection process to assist the purchaser with the inspection.

> P.D.I./Pre-Delivery inspection: inspection performed on a new house before the purchaser takes possession of the house.

> 30-day inspection: inspection performed before the end of the 30-day period of a new home for warranty purposes.

> One-year inspection: inspection performed for warranty purposes before the end of one year.

> Two-year inspection: inspection covers any code defects on a new home before the end of year two.

> Maintenance inspection: a regular tune-up inspection of the house with a full report.

> Divorce inspection: same as a standard inspection. However, it discloses deficiencies in the house to both parties and includes the related costs to remedy the deficiencies.

> Renovation inspection: inspection performed before, during and after the renovation.

> Rental inspection: inspection performed for the tenant and the landlord. Protects the tenant, ensuring the property is in the same condition as it was when they moved in, with regular wear and tear excepted. Protects the landlord by confirming any unreasonable damage done by the tenant.

Hopefully, this list provides additional opportunities for promoting and marketing a variety of inspection types. Seek out additional information to perform these inspections if they are unfamiliar to you. Promote these ASHI inspections to the media and public at large through local papers, radio and television, your website, at the bottom of your emails – wherever you can.

Additional information can be found on the ASHI website in the Member area. ASHI will be issuing a press release to promote National Home Inspection Month. ASHI will also make a prepared press release available for your use in your local papers and on television stations. It is critical that the public be aware of the different types of home inspections. Once informed, they can utilize ASHI’s services to their full extent and protect their investments.