November, 2010
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

An Update from your Executive Director


As promised, I'd like to continue to share with you some of ASHI's recent accomplishments. In the October Reporter, I discussed two of my seven goals: the enhanced website and the development of networking/digital media. When I became CEO/executive director in February 2008, both were on the list of seven goals we believed would improve member value and invigorate the society during challenging times.

By keeping our sights on specific goals, we've been able to turn finances back into the black, as well as those related to the
InspectionWorld annual conference, and we have stabilized membership during the worst housing industry slump since the Great Depression. These are the major accomplishments, without counting the host of other minor adjustments that helped develop and encourage a culture oriented toward member value.

The goals on that list, in no particular order, related to education, member value, strategic planning, fiscal improvement and non-dues revenue and, of course, developing social networking and revamping the website.

As we moved forward, success bred success … positive progress in one area moved us ahead in several others. Obviously, this was done with the strong help of a dedicated and professional staff and a number of very talented and motivated leaders.

I look forward to sharing the specifics of our progress toward achievement of each of the remaining five goals on that list in the months to come. In the meantime, your feedback is welcome at