April, 2008
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI welcomes new executive director


Please see introductions to ASHI’s new Executive Director, Jeff Arnold, here, and in the Report from the President. Next month, Jeff will be sharing his thoughts and vision with readers.

ASHI leaders meet this month

ASHI’s officers, directors and committee chairs are participating in committee/board orientation and strategic/work plan development April 10-11, in
Rosemont, Ill. The Board of Directors will meet April 12. Questions? Contact Dick Bennett at 847-954-3183, richardb@ashi.org or Jeff Arnold, 847-954-3182 or jeffa@ashi.org.

Chapters: Who gets your monthly membership recruitment report?

Each month, the Membership Department compiles a list of new members and prospects for chapters to use to recruit chapter members. Please confirm or update the contact information for the person in your chapter who should be receiving the list for your area. Send the information to Sarah Walsh at sarahw@ashi.org.

Chapter Vitality Reports requested

As of March 1, less than 40 percent of ASHI chapters have returned Chapter Vitality Reports to HQ. This is unacceptable. Chapter presidents, council representatives or others assigned can complete the report in less than 30 minutes. The information is vital to the Chapter Relations Committee’s ability to assist chapters. The report in MSWord was attached to the March 1 First Thing. Please return your reports to Bob Kociolek at bobk@ashi.org. Warning: We will keep “reminding” you until you comply. 

Chapter calendars just a click away

Is your chapter struggling to get members to attend meetings? We can help. Did you know that all chapters have calendars on the ASHI Web site to announce chapter events? You can see them under Chapters on the new HomeInspector.org Web site. Your members can look at their own calendar and the calendars of other chapters to see what’s going on. To use your chapter calendar, you need to appoint a calendar administrator. Contact Bob Kociolek at bobk@ashi.org or 847-954-3177.

Chapter bylaws reviewed

All chapter bylaws and rules must be in compliance with ASHI bylaws and policy. New chapters must submit their bylaws to HQ and legal counsel for review. Existing chapters, if they haven’t recently done so, must submit their existing bylaws and proposed amendments or other changes for review. Questions? Contact Bob Kociolek at bobk@ashi.org or 847-954-3177.

SAM Adds HI category

SpecialAssetManagement.com has added home inspectors to its categories to be searched by financial institutions in need of real estate-related professional services. ASHI members continue to receive a discounted registration fee on the Web site as a benefit of membership. Questions? Contact Dick Bennett at richardb@ashi.org.

Change in location for Leadership Training Conference
It’s back to New Orleans, but for this special conference, participants’ room rates will be under a $100 a day. The Board of Directors made the decision to hold both its October meeting and the Leadership Training Conference in New Orleans. The July 2008 Board Meeting and Town hall event are now slated for Rosemont, Ill.

Current ASHI Membership

ASHI Certified Inspectors: 3,583
ASHI Associates with Logo Use: 180
ASHI Associates: 1,481
ASHI Retired Members: 132
Affiliates: 86
Total Membership: 5,462

ASHI Calendar

• April 1, 2008, Deadline for Call for Presentations for InspectionWorld 2009
• April 10-11, 2008, Committee/Board orientation & Strategic/Work plan development, Rosemont, Ill.
• April 12, 2008, Board meeting, Rosemont, Ill.
• June 26, 2008, Board books mailed
• July 11, 2008, ASHI Town Hall meeting Rosemont, Ill.
• Oct. 1, 2008, Board books mailed
• Oct. 16-17, 2008, Leadership Training Conference, New Orleans, La.
• Oct. 18, 2008, Board meeting, New Orleans, La.
• Dec. 29, 2008, Board books mailed
• Jan. 21, 2009, Board meeting, Orlando, Fla.
• Jan. 21-24, 2009, InspectionWorld, Orlando Fla.
• April 17, 2009, Board orientation, Rosemont, Ill.
• April 18, 2009, Board meeting, Rosemont, Ill.
• July 17, 2009, ASHI Town Hall meeting, TBD
• July 18, 2009, Board meeting, TBD
• Oct. 22-23, 2009, Leadership Training Conference, Rosemont, Ill.
• Oct. 24, 2009, Board meeting, Rosemont, Ill.
• Jan. 17, 2010, Board meeting, Las Vegas, Nev.
• Jan. 17-20, 2010, InspectionWorld, Las Vegas, Nev.