September, 2007
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Ron Passaro, ASHI founder, and Andrew Kasznay, ASHI director, were major contributors to “The Inspector’s Electronic Toolbox” by Jay Romano, which ran in the New York Times July 22.

Kasznay shared what’s in his toolbox:
“‘We all have our favorite toys,’ said Andrew Kasznay, the owner of Kasznay Building Inspection Service in Harwinton, Conn. ‘I do a fair amount of carbon-monoxide testing, so I usually have my Bacharach Monoxor II carbon-monoxide detector,’ which can find small leaks from combustion appliances like furnaces and water heaters.”

Romano also interviewed Passaro. “Ron Passaro, the president of Res-I-Tec, a home-inspection company in Bethel, Conn., and the founder of the American Society of Home Inspectors, said he often carries several different types of meters and testers for the electrical system as well as a meter that will detect natural and propane gas.

“One electrical tester can determine whether outlets are wired correctly. ‘We just plug it into the receptacle, and it will tell us if the polarity is correct, if there is an open ground or if there is an open hot line,’ Mr. Passaro said.”
Arthur Lazerow, ASHI Certified Inspector, was the source for the article “State requires licenses for home inspectors” by Kathryn Young, which was published in the Maryland Gazette July 26.

“Consumer Reports’ Home Improvement Guide”

The second of the 101 tips for protecting and upgrading your home in the 48-page guide is “Consider a pro home inspection,” which concludes with “Local inspectors certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors can be found at”


WCCO-TV I-TEAM: Inspecting Home Inspectors
Terri Gruca, a consumer reporter for the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, contacted ASHI Certified Inspector Roger Hankey to perform an inspection and then hired three other inspectors to compare their work to his to alert consumers to the varying quality of inspections. The segment aired July 9, and included the following:

“Our homes are the biggest investment of our lives. So before we buy, we want to know exactly what we’re getting. Sellers need to hire home inspectors, too. However, with no state rules in Minnesota, an inspection depends on who is hired.

“Roger Hankey is a past-president of the local chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), one of the only organizations that tests and certifies home inspectors. ‘ASHI’s credentialing is the longest established and most viable for really producing credentials for the public to rely on,’ said Hankey.”

A chart with ASHI membership requirements was posted on the WCCO-TV Web site.

KNXV-TV CH 15 (ABC) Phoenix

On July 29, ASHI Certified Inspector Paul Staron appeared on the 10 p.m. newscast with an estimated audience of 183,014.

He talked with reporter Rebecca Thomas about the cost for repairs on homes that were not inspected.

KYW-TV CH 3 (CBS) Philadelphia
The Angie’s List report on this newscast August 5, at 7 a.m., was about what to look out for when hiring a home
inspector. Reporter Jim Donovan said, “Buying a new home is a big step. That is why hiring the right home inspector is so important. We did a poll and 30 percent of the respondents said something was missed in the home inspection, which cost them a lot down the road.” Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks says when hiring an inspector, be sure to check them out. Make sure they are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors. The estimated audience for the broadcast: 64,595.

Highlights from Manning, Salvage & Lee, ASHI’s public relations consultants

MS&L coordinated an interview between Frank Lesh and Amy Hoak, a personal finance reporter for MarketWatch/Dow Jones. She was working on a story about outdoor elements of a home and what buyers — and home inspectors — should look for in regard to landscaping, trees, decks, etc. Results: Amy interviewed Frank on July 11, and the article ran on August 1. Quotes included the following: 

“Try to get away from the paint and how pretty the landscaping is,” said Frank Lesh, president of the American Society of Home Inspectors, as well as an Indian Head Park, Ill.-based inspector. Instead, pay attention to how these outdoor elements are functioning, noticing, for example, the health of the property’s plants, how their placement could affect the home and the overall slope of the lawn,” he said.

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Monthly Press Release –
MS&L drafted and distributed the news release, “Twenty and Thirty-Somethings’ Latest Accessory is Their Home; ASHI Reminds Young Homebuyers to Make Smart Decisions When Buying a House or Condo.” The release was distributed to real estate and consumer interest reporters at daily and community newspapers, syndicated writers, freelancers and trades on July 26. Results: Statistics from the release were used during an ABC home inspection segment that ran in Phoenix on July 29.

New York Media Tour – MS&L has arranged for ASHI President Frank Lesh to meet with editors and publishers in New York City the week of October 29.