April, 2013
From the ASHI President.
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Pride: Do You Have it? Maximum or Minimum?


What is ASHI pride? Is it your logo? Is it your report? Is it your standards? How about your appearance? Is it your ASHI membership?

Do you perform your inspections to the ASHI Standards of Practice? Do you try to complete your inspections by eliminating all that you can according to the Standards? Do you perform your inspections to the minimum or do you offer your clients the maximum benefits of the Standards? The ASHI Standards of Practice is the minimum to which you as an ASHI inspector can perform a home inspection. Why not try to give your customer the maximum, which would require you to continue to update your techniques, improve your education, insure that you not only inspect the house but study the house? Doesn't your customer deserve the best of your ASHI pride?

Do you include the ASHI logo on your reports, newspaper advertising, Yellow Pageā„¢ advertising, business cards, brochures, uniforms, vehicle signs? You should take advantage of the ASHI logo to separate yourself from your competition, even your ASHI competition. You studied very hard for your certification and logo privileges and your ASHI pride should show!

Do you show up for the inspection like the neighborhood repairman, (the minimum) or do you have the proper tools to complete the job? Where is your ASHI pride? Is it in your appearance, do you look like a professional ASHI inspector (maximum)? What does your vehicle look like? What do you look like? Would you let someone who didn't look professional into your home?

ASHI has invested a lot of time and effort to put forth the ASHI logo as the sign of a professional home inspector. Isn't that what we are saying when we say we are ASHI certified inspectors, that we have invested a lot of our time in attending ASHI chapter meetings, national conferences, obtaining the required CEs, studying ASHI Standards, passing ASHI tests, completing reports that reflect required ASHI reporting?

Are you a minimum member or a maximum member? Your dues go toward making the ASHI organization better, more recognized, more professional. Do you belong to an active ASHI chapter? You should because that's pride in ASHI. Do you attend meetings? You should because that's ASHI pride. Where do you obtain your education/skills? How about your chapter meetings? Do you serve on a committee? Do you participate in the ASHI meetings? Do you attend the national conference? Where is your ASHI pride?

All these things add up to ASHI pride. Where do you stand on ASHI pride? Do you wear it proudly? Display it proudly? Let's start a new era of ASHI pride and let the public know what we are and who we are. Our maximum effort will project a positive image to the public. If you answered "No" to any of these questions, work on your ASHI pride.