January, 2010
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Officers for 2010


David Tamny,
Professional Property Inspections
Columbus, Ohio

It is no secret that the past year has been challenging for our membership. It has also been challenging for ASHI as well. We continue to focus on member value and providing the types of education and resources to help our members keep abreast of changes in the industry, as well as ideas to diversify their business to respond to the economy.

It has been said that within every adversity lies an equal or greater opportunity. This is certainly the attitude that we ASHI leaders believe. We are taking this opportunity through our new ASHI Certified Inspector Program to position ourselves as the leaders for the future. Challenging environments can be the impetus for positive change and opportunity development.

As your president, I’m committed to working with our board of directors to continue to improve our presence in the marketplace and the value of the ASHI Certification for homebuyers and real estate professionals. I would encourage ASHI members to contact leadership and let us know how to better serve you. I also would like to personally thank our members for their continued support. ASHI truly is the best association there is, and I cannot imagine how my career would have been without ASHI.

Membership highlights
  • 1993, joined ASHI
  • 1998-2000, North Central Ohio Chapter founding president
  • 2002-04, ASHI director and Finance Committee-Special Task Group
  • 2005, ASHI secretary
  • 2006, 2007, 2008, ASHI treasurer
  • 2009, ASHI president-elect

Kurt Salomon, President-Elect

Advocate Inspections
Midvale, Utah

The two biggest short-term issues ASHI faces in the next 12 months include:

Managing our budget, including expenses and revenue, during the downturn of the economy and the real estate industry, and
expanding educational offerings to aid chapters and offer more continuing edu-cation classes that are state-approved.

We serve the real estate industry. In my opinion, this market segment will be in hard times for the next 12 to 18 months. This poses a significant challenge for membership retention, growth and recruitment. We must be conservative in our membership revenue projections and budgeting, and develop creative marketing programs to recruit both existing and new inspectors while maintaining our core philosophy of “earning your stripes.”

We must also expand educational offerings to chapters.

Membership highlights

  • 1993, joined ASHI
  • 1997-2000, Utah Chapter founder and president
  • 2001-03, ASHI director
  • 2005-06, council speaker
  • 2007, ASHI secretary
  • 2009, ASHI vice president

Bill Jacques, Vice President

American Inspection Service, Inc.
Ravenel, S.C.

Membership retention and chapter growth will continue to be significant for ASHI’s future. We need to develop better communications with our Associates and members to keep their interest in ASHI and advance the Associates to full members within the first year of their membership. A more proactive push, with help from ASHI, on retaining their membership will mean staff, directors and committees getting involved in contacting members not just via the Web, e-mail and the ASHI Reporter, but the good old telephone to find out how they are doing and what ASHI can do to help them succeed.

Chapters are a lifeline to members for monthly meetings, networking, education and help. We need to continue to expand our communication programs with chapters to support growth in leadership and membership, and to provide education to their members.

Membership highlights

  • 1990, joined ASHI
  • 2000-01, South Carolina Chapter president
  • 2003-04, South Carolina Chapter director
  • 2003-04, Council of Representatives group leader
  • 2005-08, ASHI director
  • 2008, ASHI secretary

Marvin Goldstein, Treasurer

Building Inspection Services
Southhampton, Pa.

The two most significant issues facing ASHI in the next 12 months are the following:

1) Developing new streams of revenue

As directed by former ASHI President Brion Grant, I was named board liaison for the Homeowners Insurance Committee and tasked with saving ASHI money. Also, as vice chair of the Legislative Committee, I spent more than one day each week in Washington, D.C., with Randall Pence or locally, seeking legislative and federal administrative initiatives that would add alternative streams of revenue to ASHI and its members.

2) Consensus change of ASHI governance
A consensus-based solution is needed. Hopefully, we will be able to arrive at a consensus-based solution for the board and the membership to vote on and approve.

Membership highlights

  • 1976, ASHI Charter member
  • 2006, 2008, chair ASHI Legislative Committee
  • 2007-2008, ASHI director
  • 2009, ASHI Secretary

Alden Gibson, Secretary

Inspections by Gibson
Breslau, Ontario

Controlling finances and building membership are the two most significant issues facing ASHI this year. We must work with staff to control costs. To build membership, we must recruit members from licensed states and work with the membership committee and members to recruit new members.

Membership highlights
  • 1992, joined ASHI
  • 2001-02, Ontario vice president
  • 2004, ASHI alternate director
  • 2007-10, ASHI director


Candidates Identified Issues in Matrices

Officer and director candidates for 2010 were asked what they considered to be the two most pressing problems ASHI would be facing in the next 12 months. The comments shared here and on the following page were taken from their answers to this question in the matrices they submitted to be considered by voting members for their respective offices. The new leaders will be installed at InspectionWorld – Las Vegas, January 19, 2010.