June, 2006
Good Buzz
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Members in the News


One of the Society’s public relations goals was to make ASHI the go-to source for print, broadcast and Web editors and reporters. By working one-on-one, establishing local  relationships, members have contributed greatly to the achievement of this goal. Here are some examples of the ASHI message being delivered to the public through the efforts of individual members.

Business Week Weekend, Channel 7 WABC TV – Sunday March 19, ASHI Past President John Ghent, Goldring Home Inspections, Inc., was featured on the show “Household mold and how the spot it.” The segment aired at 11:30 a.m., but if you missed it, you can see it at www.businessweekweekend.com.

Cleveland Plain Dealer – April 16, ASHI Member Shawn Sebring, Sebring Home Inspection Co., was featured on the front page of a special Easter Sunday “Homes” section. Several eye-catching photos framed the article “Scrutinizing before buying,” and quotes included the following: “An inspection makes you wiser,” says Shawn Sebring, president of the North Central Ohio chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors and co-owner of the Painesville-based Sebring Home Inspection Co.

“Maybe you were amazed by the updated kitchen and you didn’t really bother to look at anything else. An inspection helps you know you’re making a reasonable purchase.”

The article also was available online, identified as Special to The Plain Dealer.

Morning Journal, Lisbon, Ohio – Mid-April, ASHI Member Ezra Malernee, Ezra Malernee Assoc., Canton, Ohio, was identified as a “member of ASHI” and extensively quoted in the article “Home inspections can save headaches later,” published in the paper’s Spring-Summer 2006 All About Home section. In addition to providing readers with information about common problems and recommending that all homebuyers get a home inspection, the article directed them to contact the ASHI Ohio Chapter.

San Francisco Chronicle – April 19, ASHI Member Roger Drosd, General Contractors Inspection Service, San Francisco, was featured in the article “Rain on the roof. Checking for damage after spring’s storms.” In a sidebar, the ASHI Web site was recommended as the place to find an inspector to help determine what needs to be addressed around the reader’s house.

Leadership and press releases delivering the message, too

In addition to issuing monthly press releases, ASHI’s public relations consulting firm MS&L builds relationships with the media and arranges to connect leaders and the executive director with reporters, editors and broadcasters working on home inspection-related stories. Here are a few examples of both recent media contacts and press release pickup successes.  

New York Post – April 8, an article based on an interview with Rob
Paterkiewcz, ASHI executive director, was published with a stock photo provided by ASHI.

REALTOR® Magazine - The National Association of Realtors® announced it will publish a book of lists that will include “7 home inspection myths,” which appeared in the March 2005 issue of the magazine. The list was developed based on information provided by Rob Paterkiewicz, ASHI executive director.

MarketWatch – Joe Corsetto, ASHI president, was taped on the site of a home inspection for a segment focusing on mold. The segment was scheduled to air in May.

CNN Open House – April 1, Tip of the Day emphasized the importance of using ASHI’s Web site to locate a certified inspector rather than relying on a real estate agent referral.  The segment also mentioned ASHI’s Member requirements.

CBS 46 (Atlanta) News at 6 – April 10, a recommendation was broadcast for viewers to work with an ASHI Inspector during a home remodel to ensure the work was being done correctly.