November, 2004
Good Buzz
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Members in the News


Milne films exposé in Pennsylvania

ASHI Member Jack Milne, TriCounty Inspections, Yardley, Pa., joined forces with Tim Furlong, a reporter at WPHL-TV in Philadelphia (that city’s WB station) to film an evening news program “expose´” on how consumers can protect themselves from disreputable home inspectors.

Milne spent a full day with Furlong filming a mock home inspection. In addition, because the ASHI Member is one of the pioneers of legislation in Pennsylvania, and was instrumental in getting licensing passed specific to Philadelphia, he was able to speak at length on licensing during the interview.

As suggested by Milne, Furlong took the entrance exam for another organization so he could compare it to the stringent examination and experience requirements at ASHI. The station had been holding the piece for optimal audience ratings, but it was expected to air in mid-October.

Seattle area inspectors for TV’s “Trading Places”

ASHI Member Jim Junker, A Worthington Home Inspection, Inc., Newcastle, Wash., has been selected to do before-and-after inspections for four Seattle area homes being filmed for the cable TV show, “Trading Spaces.” The production company wants the existing homes documented with a before-inspection and photos.
The homes are inspected again afterward to be sure no detrimental changes have been made to the residences and that there are no glaring safety issues. ASHI Candidate Kristine Messick, Crows Nest Home Inspections, Seattle, Wash., is assisting with the inspections.

Reporters turn to the voice of the profession

ASHI serves as the primary resource for reporters who need home inspection information. Here are examples of why reporters contact the Society.

Carisa Chappell of the Washington Times (Friday Home Guide) wanted information on home inspection from the perspective of a home inspector.

Doug Henze of the Oakland Press (Pontiac, Mich.) is developing a story on licensing home inspectors in Michigan.

Tom Mikulecky of Senior Citizen News & Views (Peoria Heights, Ill.), requested an electronic version of the “Aging Homeowners” press release.

Carol Hazzard of the Richmond Times (Richmond, Va.), was working on a story about the ASHI Position Paper on Regulation, specifically as it relates to Virginia’s grade in the report.  She spoke with Bob Kociolek, ASHI director of chapter relations and state legislation.

ASHI on TV Scorecard
As of 10/04

Numbers and totals for all combined television airings of the ASHI VNR and the PSA, including placement in the nationally distributed program, “Health & Home Report.”
  • Number of airings: 1,513
  • Total audience impressions:11,473,136
  • Total media value (in dollars):$213,218
  • Number of states presented:38 plus the Virgin Islands
The numbers reflect the success of ASHI’s Video News Release, a press release on tape for television, and the ASHI Public Service Announcement, a video-taped message serving the interest of consumers. Offering the media informative footage free of charge has netted ASHI air time that would have cost more than $200,000 to purchase for advertising. The numbers rose dramatically when the VNR was picked up and distributed with the current “Health & Home Report,” a program produced by WestGlen and distributed to cable stations nationwide.