October, 2011
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Member Wears Building Official Hat Following East Coast Storm


Paul Andreassen, right, with another building supervisor from the Town of Ulster, N.Y.   (Photos courtesy of Paul Andreassen.)

On August 26, ACI Paul Andreassen, Andreassen Associates, LLC, shared the ICC press release “Hurricane Safety Tips for the Public and Code Officials.” It advised, “With Hurricane Irene expected to make landfall this weekend, the Code Council encourages citizens to take the following safety steps.” Because ASHI believed it was important to get the steps listed in the release to as many people as possible, we distributed the information through our social media — Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Less than a week later, Andreassen was reporting on his personal involvement with the storm Irene.  “Lots of damage here in Town of Ulster, Ulster County, New York,” he emailed.

“I am the senior building official and have been going 14-hours-per-day since Saturday ... many flooded, damaged structures. Right now New York needs a lot of help as does Vermont, New Jersey.”

He included photos of foundation failures, stream embankment failures, mobile home parks and more. All related to storm, wind, hurricane and floods.


When not addressing the needs of his storm-ravaged city, Andreassen serves on the ASHI Public Relations Committee, where he looks for ways to encourage improving relationships between code officials and home inspectors.