September, 2002

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Member Rocks Town Hall Meeting


This year’s Town Hall meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. drew more than 100 people – the most since the event was introduced five years ago. Two of ASHI’s quarterly Board of Directors meetings are held in Chicago, but in July the Directors travel to a different location, and hold their meeting in conjunction with a town hall gathering hosted by a chapter.

Paul Staron, ASHI Arizona chapter officer and songwriter, entertained at the event, performing his song, “Cover of the Reporter.”

Cover of the Reporter

by Paul Staron

I’ve been a home inspector for a long time,
Ever since I can recall
I’ve seen lots of homes, met lots of folks,
Buddy, I’ve seen it all.
I find all kinds of problems no one else can find,
With just a light and a screwdriver,
And I keep getting richer, but I can’t get my picture
On the cover of the Reporter.

Reporter, gonna see my picture on the cover
Gonna buy five copies for my mother,
Gonna see my smilin’ face
On the cover of the Reporter

I’m a home inspector and a leak detector,
And I like to look for clues.
Then I tell the home buyers, like it is,
And I look for some good news.
Well I know how to build ‘em and I know how to fix ‘em

And I know the codes for sure,
And I keep getting richer, but I can’t get my picture
On the cover of the Reporter.


I’ve inspected homes for welfare folks
And homes for kings and queens,
Big or small, new or old,
They all need help it seems.
But when all is said and all is done
Guess I’ll do a few thousand more
And I’ll see my face, in it’s rightful place,
On the cover of the Reporter.