August, 2007
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Launches New Partnership With


ASHI inspectors now featured exclusively on new appraisal Web site

ASHI members now find themselves on more than just the Find an Inspector search area, thanks to a new agreement with, a growing leader in the area of online home appraisals.

When consumers visit to check on the estimated value of a property or to schedule an appraisal, they will also have the option of locating and contacting ASHI inspectors using search features such as ZIP code, inspector name, company name or area code. This new area of the site has been dubbed the “Inspector Connection Network.”

“The launch of the eppraisal Inspector Connection Network really changes the rules of online real estate,” said Damian Scott, president of “At we are creating a destination where consumers gain all the resources they need to make the right decisions. Partnering with ASHI confirms our commitment to bringing consumers and professionals together in a unique way that really enables both groups to take action and make better buying decisions. We are extremely happy to partner with such a respected organization.”

All ASHI Associates, ASHI Associates with Logo Use and ASHI Certified Inspectors are included in the search feature. This new area of the site went live in July and includes all inspectors who were part of ASHI as of mid-June. ASHI will provide with updated membership information each month, adding new Associates to the list and updating address, phone and company names as needed.

Frank Lesh, ASHI’s 2007 President, said, “We are happy to partner with as they provide consumers with a comprehensive Web site that helps them understand all aspects of the real estate process and links them with the right professionals.”

The public can get a free online valuation, order a certified appraisal or connect with a local home at

Check out your listing on the Web site. It’s another benefit of ASHI membership, and it’s an exclusive listing for only ASHI inspectors.