April, 2009
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Introduces SoP Education Module


Recently, ASHI took steps to make the ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics requirement more accessible to new members. The Standard of Practice exam was only available through an outside provider. Now, it has been updated to an Education Module, accessible directly through the ASHI Web site.

The module as a membership status requirement

Bringing the education module in house is beneficial to new and existing members and to ASHI as an organization. New members may access the module at any time through the Members Only section of www.HomeInspector.org at no additional charge. Elimination of the $85 fee to an outside provider will ease the monetary burden on new inspectors joining ASHI. By providing an easily accessible no fee module, ASHI expects to increase new member retention because doing so removes a hurdle that prevented applicants from quickly learning our Standards and staking their claim as part of the ASHI family.

The module as a resource for all members

Existing members can use the education module to test their knowledge of the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. This can be done through the Education and Training section on www.HomeInspector.org. Go to Education and Training, the top option in the left-side column.
While occasionally reviewing the ASHI Standards of Practice is helpful to all members, answering questions about it can be a challenge and a reminder of where our inspection practices are based.

Exam vs. module

ASHI’s requirement to demonstrate knowledge of and agreement to follow the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to achieve Associate with Logo Use status has not changed. Only the method of doing so has. The procedure includes the exact same 50 questions used in the third-party exam. Proof of successfully completing the education module must be provided to ASHI. The software tracking program crosschecks usage records and records completion in the member’s file.

The Standards of Practice Education Module has been created at no cost by using technology already owned by ASHI. Committee members, Board and staff worked to fulfill a request to streamline the process and reduce the cost of joining ASHI without compromising the requirements.