July, 2004
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Inspectors Speak


The ASHI Experience Update

Best value—e-mailed to HQ

“Just want you to know that I think the ASHI Experience is terrific! It’s the best value I’ve received on any investment, ever! I just wish Candidates could participate to a greater extent. Oh well. Would you please send me an additional supply of Survey Cards and ASHI Experience 4-panel/3-fold color brochures. Thank you”

Joseph Raffone
East Haven, Conn.

Web site gives and gives—published in chapter newsletter

“Last week I had two inspections on the same day that came directly from the ASHI Web site. These were customers that I would not normally have gotten. One buyer was referred to another inspection company by her real estate agent, and the other was buying a for-sale-by-owner home without using an agent. Their Web research convinced them that they needed an ASHI Member to inspect their purchases.

“Some of the goals of ASHI branding are to deliver more customers and better customers.

“These educated consumers did not order just the basic inspection. They ordered the full shot. Needless to say, the fees delivered to our firm by the ASHI Web site that day helped the bottom line for the week. ASHI Branding and the ASHI.org site are working for me.”

Gregg Harwood
Professional Home Inspection Service
Binghamton, N.Y.

More from Harwood—it just keeps getting better

“One of the customers I referred to in my testimonial did not buy the house based upon the results of our inspection. So yesterday, we did another full shot inspection for her, including water testing, wood destroying insect report, etc.”

Gregg Harwood
Professional Home Inspection Service
Binghamton, N.Y.

Candidate w/Logo Use enjoying The ASHI Experience—sent to Kociolek

Bob Kociolek, ASHI director of chapter relations and state legislation, received the following message after he hosted a conference call with members of the Southern New England Chapter to discuss how to use the new ASHI Experience CD.

“I wanted to tell you that the effort ASHI has put forth to develop support resources and tools for The ASHI Experience rollout is nothing short of amazing. In my past life, I was Director of Marketing/Adver-tising for a large company, and I know what it takes to pull off something like this. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are poised to take advantage of all the great tools from ASHI.

“As a recent C2 (Candidate w/Logo Use), I’ve had a whirlwind experience myself beginning last June with a home inspection school and wrapping up with the ASHI exam in April. Thanks to some great training from Dave Sherwood and the help of some chapter members (Southern New England), I found the process worked well for me. Hopefully, we’ll be able to develop a strong mentoring program to insure that others considering the trade can benefit from the tremendous knowledge base we have among our Members and resources available from ASHI.”

Warren Tomek
Five Star Inspections
Madison, Conn.

Proven marketing tip—e-mailed to HQ

“We all know how inundated real estate offices are with inspection brochures. Instead of putting my “We Speak House” brochures in offices, I place them on the counter of each occupied home I inspect. This gets them in the hands of prospective homebuyers and has netted me numerous inspections. Worth every penny!”

George Krause
Krause Building Inspections
Canton, Mich.

Lesh likes cards—posted on the ASHI Forum

“Thought I’d share my experience with the survey cards so far. After I go over my report and ask my clients if they have any questions, I hand them the survey card and tell them ASHI would like feedback on their “Experience.”
“I tell them their response is important and ask them to drop the card in the mail. The response rate for me is 40%. So far, I’ve hit a perfect score.”

Frank Lesh
Home Sweet Home Inspection Company
Indian Head Park, Ill.

Tough to argue with results—posted on the ASHI Forum

“I’ve been pretty critical of the way “The ASHI Experience” was rolled out. I’m still a little skeptical of it, but in the past two weeks, I’ve had three people contact me because they found me on Find An Inspector. Two of them hired me for inspections (which covers the cost for the three inspectors in our firm to participate in the program and covers next year’s dues for me). Tough to argue with those kinds of results.”

Jim Morrison
Alan Morrison Home Inspection
Lancaster, Mass.

More from the Board

According to messages posted on the ASHI Forum, the online discussion board for ASHI Membership, Wyman Weinbeck, Details Inc. Home and Property inspections, Burlington, Iowa, and Scott Patterson, Trace Home Inspections, Ridgeland, Miss., have booked inspections as a result of being found on Find An Inspector.


Did you know?

‘We Speak House’ brochures now look better, fit better and read better. The revised front cover identifies the brochure as a “Consumer’s Guide to Home Inspection.” The brochures now are the perfect size to fit in publication racks and #10 envelopes. The improved layout means potential customers can read the message with greater ease. Orders are being filled with the new, improved version.

The ASHI Experience Chapter CD is available on the Membership Extranet, in The ASHI Experience section. Although the information was compiled for chapters, there’s a lot here for individual ASHI Inspectors. Check out the marketing and media tips. 

ASHI continues its national media high profile. See “ASHI Making House Calls In New York & Connecticut, PSA Soon To Be Distributed,” page 10, and The Report from the President, page 56.