December, 2005
News in Brief
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ASHI Inspectors Invited to Conduct Disaster Inspections


Fidelity National Financial, Inc., a Fortune 500 provider of products, services and technology solutions to the financial and real estate industries, has extended an invitation to the ASHI Membership to participate in the Fidelity Natural Disaster Condition Report (FNDCR) program that provides lenders with detailed information regarding the condition of a specified property in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Offered by their LSI Market Intelligence Division, the FNDCR helps lenders determine the existence and exterior only condition of subject properties. The report consists of a series of questions for the inspector to answer after visiting the property, and it requires a digital photo to be taken. The exterior features covered in the report include the roof, siding, structural stability, garage, doors, windows and others. In addition to stating whether damage to specific exterior features has occurred, the report provides percentage ranges that indicate the degree of that damage. A Web site is used to complete the report and upload the photo. The compensation provided to the inspector is $15 per report, and the estimated time to complete the report is about 15-20 minutes each.

Currently, these reports are being conducted and submitted by real estate agents. After discussions between ASHI headquarters and Fidelity, the program has been opened to include the ASHI Membership as well.  For more information or to sign up to participate in the program, call 800-722-0300 ext. 74547, or

ASHI partners to protect from silent killer

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Immediate Past President Stephen Gladstone, ASHI is now a partner with Kidde to help raise awareness about the steps families should take to protect themselves from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, often referred to as the "Silent Killer." According to the American Medical Association, more than 2,000 Americans die every year from accidental CO poisoning. The proper installation and use of a CO alarm could have prevented many of these deaths.
Kidde, the world's largest manufacturer of fire safety products, has produced a brochure to be distributed to homeowners that points out the facts about CO, the symptoms of CO poisoning, and the do's and don'ts to protect the household from poisoning. A sample of these brochures was mailed out to all ASHI Members and Candidates in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, where laws have been passed recently or are being considered to require installation of CO alarms in residential dwellings. The brochure is part of Kidde's "Don't Wait 'Til It's Too Late" campaign - an effort to encourage the installation of CO alarms before the poisonous gas harms more Americans.

Click here to download an electronic file of the brochure.