August, 2002
Legislative News
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Goes to Denver With Position Statement as Alabama Adopts Standards of Practice


Mike Casey, ASHI president, along with Brion Grant, Legislative Committee co-chair; Steve Blair, Rocky Mountain member, and I exhibited at the National Conference of State Legislatures in Denver, July 25-27. ASHI attended this important gathering of state legislators, staffers, lobbyists and press for the first time to distribute the recently compiled White Paper on Regulation of Home Inspectors. The conference provided an opportunity to share ASHI’s  position on key components of regulation and to make available a model bill that can used as a template by legislators.

Distributing the Statement allowed ASHI to impress on 6,000 movers and shakers in the legislative arena that ASHI is the voice of the profession, and to demonstrate its ability and willingness to provide these decision-makers with what they need to develop sensible regulation of home inspectors. For the first time, all those interested in this type of regulation/legislation were able to compare what has been done to date and to have benefit of the opinions of the primary professional home inspection organization on the activity in each state.

The White Paper is now also available to the real estate press, ASHI Chapters and the Membership.

Alabama to adopt ASHI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics in new licensing bill

The State of Alabama Building Commission contacted ASHI seeking permission to adopt our Standards and Code as part of the new licensing law, Act No. 2002-517. With the signing of the agreement, Alabama becomes the sixth state, along with Arizona, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon and South Carolina, to adopt ASHI’s Standards and Code. This is great news for consumers and home inspectors in Alabama. It also demonstrates once again that states are recognizing ASHI Standards as the most widely accepted industry standards.

Developments in new and carried over bills

California SB 1332 has been set aside for this session to work out several issues. According to the staff of bill sponsor Senator Figueroa, the issues are third party disclosures and related liability, as well as including home inspectors as “experts” in the California civil code. Apparently, the Senator would like to get these issues resolved and reintroduce a new version of the bill next session. Although possible, it is unlikely it will happen prior to January 2003.

New York S 3415  There was little activity on this bill prior to June. According to sponsoring Senator Rath’s office, the bill is dead this session. The New York Legislature was scheduled to adjourn June 28, but extended business for several days. The bill was amended in late June, with the following notable improvements:

 • Increasing the number of inspectors on the State Home Inspection Board. With this change, a majority  Board members would be home inspectors.

 • Requiring everyone to take the test to become licensed, including architects and engineers. The amendment changed the language to require this.

The Senator’s staff did indicate that the Senator would consider reintroducing the bill next session.

Pennsylvania HB 2203 has been idle since April when it was tabled in the Senate. According to sponsoring Representative Zug’s office, the bill is unlikely to pass this session. The Pennsylvania legislature schedule is to recess for the summer on July 1 and return in September, but HB 2203 does not appear to be on a priority list. We will continue to check in on the status of the bill.