May, 2011
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ASHI Education News


The ASHI School, ASHI@Home Training System and Smart Track Online Learning

Update on The ASHI School

ASHI Education, Inc. (AEI) is pleased to announce it now wholly owns The ASHI School®. The school was established in 2009 as a joint venture between ASHI Education, Inc. and Casey, O'Malley & Associates. Dedicated to upholding its mission of 'Learn by Doing,' The ASHI School features more live in-field home inspection-related training than any other home inspection school in the nation.

Under sole management of ASHI Education, Inc., The ASHI School® provides a full range of high-quality education programs offered to anyone affiliated with, or interested in, the home inspection industry and related professions.

"Our hands-on training provides aspiring home inspectors with the tools and experience they need to build a successful career," said The ASHI School Director Barton Robertson. "It also serves as a resource for existing ASHI members to continue their home inspection education."

Regular courses include state pre-licensing, continuing education; and specialty classes for new and existing home inspectors. Other courses will focus on starting and operating a successful inspection career and business, as well as performing inspections in compliance with the ASHI Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics.

"Our commitment to providing the industry with unmatched programming to aid in preparation for state licensing and for certification will remain firmly intact," said CEO of ASHI Education, Inc., Jeff Arnold.

The ASHI School class locations are accessible in many states across the nation. For a complete list and more information about current programs, please visit

ASHI-Endorsed Home Inspection Training

ASHI@Home Training System
ASHI endorses only two educational opportunities for prospective home inspectors and ASHI@Home, in print or online, is one of them. With this home inspection training, students learn about the profession, and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become competent home inspectors.

Call 800-268-7070, Ext. 251, to learn how we can help you become a certified home inspector.

"Smart Track" accepted by 14 states

Individual "ASHI Smart Track" online education courses have been approved by eight states for two continuing education credits, and all ASHI online education meets the requirements for continuing education in six additional states.

The eight states granting approval are  Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee and Washington.

 All ASHI online education courses meet the requirements for continuing education in the following states: Indiana, Kansas, New Hampshire, Oregon, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

 A certificate of completion is accessible in the Smart Track Program upon successful completion of the course.

The individual courses are available free to members and are accessible on the ASHI website located under Education & Training.

 ASHI members can contact Michele George, ASHI education manager, by email at or phone at 847-954-3188 for their user name and password to access the ASHI Smart Track Program.