January, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Discussion Boards Upgraded


Take advantage of your Membership benefits and connect with your peers. Log on to the ASHI discussion boards to share information, to get questions answered and to participate in lively debates. Have you checked out the discussion boards lately?

Server upgrade
You should notice improved board performance when logging into the forums and as you view and post messages. All traffic has been moved to a dedicated server.

Support for inline graphics
When uploading a picture attachment with your message, you now have the option to have a “thumbnail” or “preview” of your picture appear in your message as well.

Watch lists
You can choose to mark a discussion topic that is of particular interest to you, and to be notified by email whenever a message is posted to that topic.

Email attachment hot link
If you are using the mailing list feature to participate in a particular conference, any attachments that people have uploaded with their message will now appear as a hot link in the message. You will be able to access the attachment without logging into the discussion boards by clicking on the link. For security purposes, you will not be able to post an attachment with a message via email.

Improvements to continue
This is only the first phase of improvements. During the second and third phases of the ASHI discussion boards’ upgrade, chat room functionality will be enhanced and you will be able to add your favorite technical links to a site-wide directory.