February, 2012
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Committee Goals for 2012


Public Relations Committee Goals

1. Create an identity for ASHI inspectors that sets us apart from competing organizations.
a) Provide the media with content that promotes ASHI.

2. ASHI logo recognition and branding of the logo.
a) Educate the consumer to ask for an ASHI inspector.
b) Encourage members to use social media to send the message to both inspectors and homeowners to ask for feedback and offer answers to their questions.
c) Encourage members to provide education to the consumer about how to maintain their home.
d) Encourage inspectors to remain members of ASHI.
e) Encourage members to promote, display and use the ASHI logo when they promote their company.

3. Create a Deck Safety initiative across the country within each chapter, using ASHI and Simpson Strong-Tie, that includes education and consumer awareness in cooperation with The ASHI School where possible.

4. Continue working with affiliate organizations.
a) Use Social Media to bring affiliates closer

5. Explore an initiative to reach out to municipal and county inspectors across the country to join ASHI and become part of the solution to protect life and limb and want to be part of ASHI.

6. Research the creation of a trade show model that all chapters can use in their markets to promote ASHI and its members.

7. Encourage ASHI members and ASHI chapters to send all TV news links identifying ASHI and ASHI inspectors in a favorable light to the PR Committee chair and director of communications.

8. Assist staff in drafting an RFP for next year’s contracted public relations contract.

Legislative Committee Goals

1. Continue to provide support to ASHI members at the state level for any licensing activity that may come up. Provide rapid response to states, when requested, regarding existing and/or new legislative activity with regards to home inspections.

2. Update the ASHI position statement with regard to the new ACI designation in cooperation with the Certification Committee and work with the PR Committee to promote this designation on a state-by-state level.

3. Have committee members email non-ASHI inspectors in licensed states to promote membership in ASHI where states publish the lists.

Membership Committee Goals

1. The primary work of the committee and its subcommittee will revolve around the redesign of the two lower ASHI membership levels. We have hopes of bringing the proposed changes to the membership for a Bylaws vote by late summer of 2012.

2. The next goal is to have an ASHI booth at all major home inspector franchise shows. AmeriSpec, Housemaster, Pillar to Post, and WIN should be at the top of the list for a booth to recruit new members and to show ASHI’s support for those groups. We should also continue to show at CAPHI. If we want them to support ASHI, we need to support them. The committee chair and a staff member or another designated person should attend. I feel this is a major step for ASHI and one that has been missing.

3.The committee will conduct a membership drive in April and May. As in the past, $50 Visa gift cards will go to every member who brings in a member.

4. Committee members will call new members, welcome them to ASHI and offer their support.

Chapter Relations Goals

1. Determine which chapters are having trouble meeting ASHI national requirements.

2. Set up specific goals and provide the necessary tools for those chapters that have not met ASHI national requirements.

3. Provide chapters the tools to market on behalf of their membership and grow their membership rosters.
a) Promote the chapter resource center located on the ASHI website so chapter leaders can provide marketing information to their members and improve their bottom line.
b) Support and provide the chapters/members ways to diversify and implement auxiliary opportunities or alternative streams of revenue.
c) Investigate the development and distribution of Webinars for chapters.
d) Continue to promote the newsletter template for chapters.
e) Help chapters with their website by providing a list of vendors to assist in developing and maintaining chapter websites, improve their SEO through their websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
f) Develop PowerPoint presentations (“presentations in a box”) for chapters to make available for members to use to promote their business and services to real estate agents and brokers, bankers, and civic groups.

4. Continue to improve communications between CRC, CoR, chapters and headquarters.

5. Develop a press release template, which can be accessed on the ASHI website, for members to use when they attend IW, LTC, serve on a committee or task force, are selected to chair a committee or are elected to the ASHI Board.

6. Develop the 2012 LTC meeting, learning from this year’s so that it is better then ever.