April, 2006
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Charter Members


A charter member shall be one who has joined the organization prior to April 1, 1977 and he shall be either a full member, associate member or apprentice member in accordance with his qualifications.

Source: The ASHI Annual Educational Conferencetranscript, 1977. Held at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, December 9-11, 1977

Benjamin Aden, PE
Bergenfield, N. J.

Alfred E. Alk
Rowayton, CT

Kenneth T. Austin
Bound Brook, NJ

Walter E. Bauke
Lexington, MA

Norman Becker, PE
Suffern, NY

Harold H. Bick Sr.
Riverdale, NJ

William G. Binns
Mahopac, NY

William P. Binns
Mahopac, NY

Thomas M. Byrne
Rockaway Park, NY

Edward S. Charkey, PE
New York City, NY

J.M. Clesca
New York, NY

T. Daly
Shenorock, NY

Jeffrey B. Downes
Greenwich, CT

George A. Engstrom
Upper Montclair, NJ

Gerald R. Engstrom
Upper Montclair, NJ

Jules Falcone
Glenolden, PA

Martin J. Flaherty
Darien, CT

Edwin M. Frank
Yorktown Heights, NY

P.J. Garrity
Lexington, MA

Jerry Giamanco
Glen Head, NY

Norman P. Goldberg, PE
Ventura, CA

Kenneth S. Goldblatt
Philadelphia, PA

Jack Goldring
Bridgeport, CT

Marvin “D” Goldstein
Philadelphia, PA

John J. Heyn
Towson, MD

Ralph R. Imholte
Lincroft, NJ

Herbert P. Klaus, PE
Suffern, NY

Robert Lamparelli
Ridgefield, CT

Howard Lieberman, PE
Eastchester, NY

Dr. Joseph G. McNeill, PE

Bound Brook, NJ

Arthur T. Monahon Jr.
Watertown, MA

Philip C. Monahon

Watertown, MA

John A. Murray, PE

Marlborough, CT

Paul B. O’Connell

Willow Grove, PA

Michael Oshrin

Huntington Station, NY

James B. Paardecamp
Springfield, NJ

John W. Paardecamp

Springfield, NJ

Charles C. Packevicz
Branford, CT

William N. Papian, PE

Potomac, MD

Ralph Passaro
Glenbrook, CT

Ronald Passaro
Ridgefield, CT

Robert J. Pettus
Rowayton, CT

Gordon K. Platine
Acton, MA

Barry N. Poler, PE
East Meadow, NY

Anthony F. Pollio, PE
East Meadow, NY

Andrew S. Polmer
New Orleans, LA

Sherman S. Price, PE

Brooklyn, NY

Raymond L. Redniss
Stamford, CT

Robert L. Redniss

Stamford, CT

Dennis J. Santella

East Norwalk, CT

Donald W. Shive
Potomac, MD

Michael J. Silvester
East Hartford, CT

Arthur Tauscher

Rockville Centre, NY

Lloyd Temes
Brooklyn, NY

Alvin Ubell
Brooklyn, NY

Claxton Walker
Potomac, MD

Larry H. Warren, PE
East Rochester, NY

Source: Directory of Members as of June 30, 1978