March, 2012
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Chapter Awards


— Chapter Enterprise Award —

An ASHI member established the Chapter Enterprise Award because he attributes his personal success as a home inspector and the prosperity of his multi-inspector firm to the ideas and information acquired by regularly attending InspectionWorld.

The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award rewards chapters with the highest percentage of membership registration at InspectionWorld. One award is for chapters with 30 or fewer members and the other is for chapters with 31 or more members. Each chapter receives $750.

Winners of the 2011 Chapter Enterprise Awards:

• Arizona Chapter won in the 31 or more category with 70% of their chapter members attending InspectionWorld.

• Lone Star Chapter won in the 30 or fewer category with 28% of their chapter members attending IW.

Photo above: Bruce LaBell (l) accepts the Chapter Enterprise Award for the Arizona Chapter from Council of Representatives Speaker Bob Walstead.

Photo above: On behalf of the Lone Star Chapter, Jim Hemsell (l) accepts the Chapter Enterprise Award from Bob Walstead.

— Chapter Growth Award —

The Chapter Growth Award rewards the chapters with the most growth by numbers and the chapter with the most growth by percentage.

Winners of the 2011 Chapter Growth Awards:

• ASHI Georgia Chapter and NIC ASHI tied for most growth by percentage.

• Northern Colorado Chapter won for most growth by numbers.

Photo above: The Chapter Growth Award for most growth by percentage was a tie. Rich Hart (l) accepted for the ASHI Georgia Chapter and Jory Lannes (c) accepted for NIC ASHI. CoR Speaker Bob Walstead is at the right.