February, 2006
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ASHI Business Operations Study Statistic of the Month


Gross Revenues by Region

The average gross revenue for individual inspectors differed by nearly $35,000 from one part of the country to the other, according to the 2005 Home Inspection Business Operations Study, recentlyconducted by ASHI.

As reported in survey results, when inspectors were asked about their 2004 annual gross revenue, the differences were staggering. Inspectors in the U.S. Eastern area averaged more than $93,000, followed closely by inspectors in the U.S. South Atlantic region with average gross revenue of more than $87,000.

Inspectors seeing the lowest gross revenue were those in the U.S. South Central region, with $58,591. That’s a disparity of nearly $35,000 with their Eastern counterparts.

USMapRegions.gifAccording to the survey results, the average annual gross revenue for inspectors in 2004 was $75,970. Annual gross revenue has had a steady increase over previous years, and has grown by 7 percent since ASHI conducted its last business operations study in 2002 and 29 percent since the first study in 1996.

To purchase your own copy of the 2005 Home Inspection Business Operations Study, visit the ASHI Online Store at www.ashi.org or contact Russell Daniels at russelld@ashi.org or 847-954-3185. The cost is $89.95 for ASHI membership and $139.95 for non-members, plus shipping (Illinois residents pay applicable tax).

Results based on responses of 2,483 inspectors throughout North America. The margin of error is +/- 5%. Survey conducted on behalf of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) in partnership with Pillar to Post, HORIZON by Carson Dunlop, HomeGauge and 3D Inspection System.