December, 2001
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Board Report


New regulatory policy passed by the Board of Directors at October meeting

At its October 27 meeting, the ASHI Board of Directors passed a new policy, presented by the Legislative Committee, regarding ASHI endorsement of Members seeking seats on state and federal regulatory bodies. Following is the new policy, with the background material presented to the Board.
ASHI will provide written endorsement to a state or jurisdiction of a Society Member who seeks a seat on a Home Inspector regulatory body, if the following terms are met:

1. The individual recommended for an ASHI endorsement and the supporting signatures must be from Members in good standing.

2. In states with a recognized ASHI Chapter, a member must acquire five (5) signatures from ASHI Members. One of the five signatures must be the current Chapter President in office at the time of the petition request. If the request for endorsement is for the current Chapter President, the signature of the Chapter Vice President or next succeeding officer is required.

3. In states with more than one chapter, each chapter of ASHI may submit as many names that adhere to this policy as needed.

4. In states without an ASHI chapter, a Member must acquire five (5) signatures from ASHI Members from within the affected state or jurisdiction. A Chapter President signature is not required.

5. The chapter or the general membership within an affected jurisdiction is responsible for coordinating petition requests to assure qualified individuals are recommended for an ASHI endorsement.

6. The ASHI President shall submit names to the BOD for approval of individuals seeking endorsement for Federal level advisory committees, task forces, etc.

7. ASHI Officers or other Board Directors shall not use their respective positions to individually endorse an ASHI Member.  All ASHI endorsement request petitions shall follow the outlined procedures contained herein.

The explosion of Home Inspector legislation has resulted in states with home inspector regulatory bodies (25 states currently regulated). The seats or positions on these regulatory bodies are filled by individuals with experience and knowledge of their field and commonly through a political appointment process. This process includes the submission of endorsement letters by influential sources to a state governor or other political body.

Over the years ASHI has been asked to submit an endorsement of its members and has done so without a written policy. This policy is an attempt to create a fair process. This is a policy that empowers local chapters and members-at-large to petition the Society for an ASHI endorsement when seeking a seat on a state or jurisdiction board, advisory committee, etc. regulating the Home Inspection profession.

The requirement for a Chapter President’s signature at a local level and BOD approval for federal positions assures fairness of the petition process through recommendations endorsed by publicly elected ASHI officials.

Welcome new chapter and renewal of ties to Red Cross

The Directors approved and welcomed a new chapter: Mid-Missouri Chapter of ASHI, and voted to renew ASHI’s partnership agreement with the American Red Cross.

Dates approved for future meetings
•  January 13, 2002, New Orleans, La.

•  April 19-20, 2002, Board of Directors meeting and orientation, Chicago Ill.

•  July 12-13, 2002, Board of Directors meeting and town hall gathering, Ariz.

•  October 26, 2002, Board of Directors meeting, Chicago, Ill.

•  January 15, 2003, Board of Directors meeting, Orlando, Fla.

Committee Chairs and Board of Director liaisons for 2002 approved

Bylaws- Jim Rooney, Chair; Robert Gwaltney, Board Liaison
Chapter Relations -  Dennis Parra, Chair; Jack Feldmann, Board Liaison
Ethical/Prof. Practices- Bryck Guibor, Chair; Vice President, Board Liaison
Conference Planning- President Elect, Chair; Vice President, Board Liaison
Complaints against  Candidates -  Jim Farmer, Chair; Vice President, Board Liaison
Education - Ken Salvo, Chair; Keith Ruehl, Board Liaison
Elections- John Heyn, Chair             
Executive Director  Evaluation -  Mark Cramer, Chair; John Ghent, Board Liaison
Facilities - Charles Bellfontaine, Chair; Don Norman, Board Liaison
Finance - Treasurer, Chair; Treasurer, Board Liaison
Leadership - Michael Casey, Chair
Legislative - Brion Grant, State Affairs Chair; President Elect, Federal Affairs, Chair
Membership - JD Grewell, Chair; Jay Balin, Board Liaison
Officer Nominating - John Ghent, Chair; John Ghent, Board Liaison
PR Committee - Steve Preins, Chair; David Swartz, Board Liaison
Standards - Dan Friedman, Chair; Don Norman, Board Liaison
Technical - Kenny Hart, Chair; Frank Lesh, Board Liaison