June, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Board Report


After responding to more than 50 requests from the Membership for interpretations of the Standards of Practice (SoP) or the Code of Ethics (CoE), the Standards Committee published the responses on the Web site, and is making them available from HQ via e-mail.

The Board authorized providing the responses to ASHI Membership to improve understanding of the SoP and CoE and to avoid having the committee repeatedly respond to similar requests.

The committee undertakes the task of providing interpretations as a service to the Membership. It reserves the right to decline requests, and for the requests it accepts, the committee’s task is completed with the response to the requester.

There is a formal complaints program and a separate Complaints Committee charged with overseeing the enforcement of Society policies, ethics, and rules. In addition, the Board recently approved the addition of a Compliance Director to oversee and facilitate both the request for interpretations and the complaints process.

Visit the Web site, Members Only section, to view the table of responses. At the request of a Member or Candidate, HQ will e-mail the table as a PDF. Members and Candidates without access to either the Web or e-mail, may request one paper copy a year from HQ.

Complaints to be published

The Board authorized publishing some information about complaints filed against Candidates and Members. The decisions of the two committees that handle complaints will be published in the ASHI Reporter. Neither the person filing the complaint nor the subject of the complaint will be identified by name, only the outcome of the action will be published.

The Board also approved adding an appeal hearing to the process.
When a Compliance Director is in place, he will serve as the liaison to the committees and facilitate the appeals process.

Non-home inspector owners of inspection companies invited to subscribe

A subscription category was first created to accommodate home inspectors from outside the United States, who wanted a connection with ASHI, but couldn’t meet all the requirements of Membership. At the April meeting, the Board of Directors expanded the subscription category to include non-inspector owners of home inspection companies. As a subscriber the owner is entitled to the ASHI Reporter, access to the Technical Discussion Boards and special pricing for InspectionWorld. This is not a Membership category. It provides a venue for developing mutually beneficial relationships. Questions? Contact Heather Henning (heatherh@ashi.org).

ASHI Brand project moves forward

The Board of Directors decided to include professional marketing research in the process as the Society moves toward differentiating and selling the ASHI Inspection to the real estate transaction community and the public. The research will include feedback from others involved in the real estate transaction process. The groundbreaking ASHI/NAR® study established the need to rely on market research rather than assumptions when striving to shape opinions.

Code of ethics review timeline extended

At the request of the Standards Committee, the Board of Directors agreed to allow more time for developing, discussing and presenting to the Membership proposed revisions to the Code of Ethics. In addition to the Code of Ethics, the Committee is charged with responding to requests for interpretations and reviewing the Standards of Practice. The procedural change ensures the committee and the Membership will have the time necessary to consider the complex issue.

New chapter approved

Bob Walstead is the President and contact person for the new Southern Colorado Chapter.

Locations for InspectionWorld 2004/05 approved

Albuquerque, New Mexico was approved as the site for InspectionWorld in 2004 and Austin, Texas for 2005.

Arizona to host Board plus education session in July

This year’s combined Board of Directors and Town hall meeting will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. The local chapter is rolling out the red carpet and encouraging the Membership to take part in this once-a-year event by holding an educational program in conjunction with the national activities.

The ASHI Membership will have an opportunity to participate in the national sponsored activities plus take advantage of education and networking offered by the Chapter. Mark you calendar for July in Arizona.