September, 2001
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Board Report


Discussions and actions at the July 2001 meeting in Toronto reflected agreement among the Directors that ASHI needs to increase its stature and representation of the home inspection profession. The Board also agreed that the challenges presented by state regulation must be addressed in a manner to ensure and improve our relevance.

In preparation for discussing this issue, the Board had asked for input from several committees on a recommendation to create an external certification program. The Board was convinced by the feedback from the Committees this is not the appropriate action for ASHI to take.  At this time, the Board also believes ASHI should not establish an internal certification program either. The efforts of all involved in this project were formally acknowledged and appreciation expressed.

In addition the Directors reviewed recommendations to alter ASHI’s current membership structure, which were an outcome of the Membership Committee’s certification discussion. They came to the conclusion that several key actions must be taken before considering a change.

Key actions
1. Obtain and maintain data on the numbers of home inspectors practicing in North America.

2. Obtain input from non-members as to why they don’t join and what, if anything, ASHI could do to obtain their membership.

3. Investigate the possibility of accepting other requirements for inspector qualifications (ie: state regulations) as applicable to our own requirements.

The Board directed appropriate committees and staff to move forward on the quest to remain relevant as follows:

1. Formally identify the ASHI Brand of property inspection and all parameters of its incorporation.

2. Focus ASHI’s public relation and marketing efforts toward real estate practitioners in an effort to convince them to recommend only individuals who can perform the ASHI Inspection.

Other important actions
Motions passed by the Board included the following:
• Approve the new Central Pennsylvania Chapter  of ASHI.

• Approve the 2001-2002 Operating Budget as presented.

• Discipline by a State Regulatory Home Inspection body shall be prima facie violation of ASHI Membership criterion and those disciplined by a State will be directed to the CEPP or CCAC for review and possible discipline.

• If a member is found to be in violation of the same reason for discipline as set forth in Bylaw 2.7.3, the member shall receive  a minimum of a one year suspension. ASHI Headquarters shall maintain a file to verify repeat violations.