September, 2002

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

ASHI Board Meeting Update


In addition to a Town Hall event and the ASHI July Board Meeting, the Arizona chapter hosted a seminar, and participated in leadership training provided by national staff. All activities were well attended, and the enthusiastic response to the leadership training convinced Rob Paterkiewicz, ASHI executive director, it should be a regular feature of future combined chapter/national events.  

Board action

During the Board meeting, the Directors approved the ASHI operating budget for 2002-2003. Additional motions passed included a change to the Bylaws.

• Members approve previous proposition - now voting on another change to Bylaws
A majority of voters (98%) approved both amendments to the Bylaws regarding the minimum term requirement of the COR and the eligibility of the Board Alternate.

Almost half (43%) voted online. With these changes, the minimum term for a Representative changed from one to two years, and an alternate who steps in to replace a Director for part of a term may return to Council and be eligible to be nominated for a full term.

At the July meeting, the Board approved another Amendment to ASHI Bylaws. This Amendment is to ASHI Bylaw Article 2.1.2b by striking out “nor recommend individuals or businesses for any repair work.” The proposal to amend the Article was sent to the Members for a vote.

In mid-August ASHI Members received a packet with the rationale for the change, and instructions for voting. Again, all Members were encouraged to vote online. This method makes it easy for Members to participate in the voting process, and it saves the Society money.

• Previous position statement on regulation replaced

With the introduction of the new Position Statement on the Regulation of Home Inspectors, it was decided this white paper will replace Policy 12.2: ASHI Position Statement on Licensing and Policy 12.3: ASHI Position Statement on Regulation.

• New logo for affiliates and endorsed programs

It’s now easier to identify companies that support the Society, because the Board authorized HQ to distribute the ASHI Endorsed Program Logo and ASHI Affiliate Logo to all the companies that qualify to display the new graphic images.

Endorsed programs are selected for their ability to give special prices and service to the Membership. Affiliate companies pay annual dues. The logos with accompanying style and policy sheets were distributed last month to participating companies.

• Sent back to committee

After discussion, the following matters were returned to Committees for refinement and development: a new Membership Model; contracts with ASHI approved educational providers; and the establishment of a minority international chapter.  

• Retired Members encouraged to attend InspectionWorld

Passage of a motion to add a half-price Retired Member rate to InspectionWorld attendee categories is sure to increase the value of the conference for all home inspectors. Many Retired Members have a wealth of knowledge gained from experience, and are often willing to share what they’ve learned during informal conversations. ASHI hopes Retired Members will take advantage of the special rate, and that all attendees will benefit from their presence at the conference. For information about the January conference in Orlando, visit
Companies interested in sponsoring events or reserving booth space, contact Tifanni at HQ (