October, 2005
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

A Member's "Find an Inspector" Success Story


Earlier this year, ASHI Member William-Weinbeck.gifWyman W. Weinbeck, Details, Inc., Burlington, Iowa, sent a note to ASHI President Don Norman thanking him for visiting Iowa, and shared with him the following story.

I just got off the phone with a client who hired me based on the content of an article his girlfriend from Des Moines had e-mailed him. This article stressed the importance of using an ASHI Inspector. He located me on the ASHI Web site and hired me even though there are two non-ASHI inspectors closer to him. I might add that this inspection is 27 miles from my home. I am disappointed when I hear and see others who are not satisfied or are unhappy with the ASHI organization. I feel you are on the right track and definitely are the voice of our industry. The caliber of the ASHI Inspectors alone speaks volumes about the worth of this group. It is comprised of those who want to do things right, who aren’t afraid of working hard to gain membership, and who have that strong commitment to our industry and to each other.....professionals all.  

In closing, I might add that my referrals from the Web site have paid for my membership many times over. When considering the added value of the magazine, InspectionWorld, educational meetings and more...truly, the cost of membership is extremely reasonable.

Wyman W. Weinbeck
Details, Inc. Home and Property Inspections
Burlington, Iowa