March, 2010
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A Consistent Message is a Powerful Message


ASHI continues to deliver a powerful message through its aggressive media relations campaign and by working with the federal government to educate consumers about the value of a home inspection.

Working on the federal front

Since 2000, Randall Pence, Capitol Hill Advocates, Inc., has worked on ASHI’s behalf in Washington, D.C., encouraging federal legislators and agencies to educate consumers on the value of a home inspection. Early successes included the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) distributing the ASHI-authored bulletin “For Your Protection Get A Home Inspection.”

Last month, Bob Sisson, ACI and the owner of Inspections by Bob, Gaithersburg, Md., was pleased to find evidence of Pence’s work. He e-mailed many of his fellow inspectors with the message, “Want to know what ASHI is doing for you? Check out Freddie Mac and HUD’s Web pages.”

Both agencies use their Web sites to direct consumers to get a home inspection and Freddie Mac lists ASHI prominently as a resource.

Pence continues to partner on ASHI’s behalf with those in Washington who advocate consumer education and homebuyer protection.

Working with the media

ASHI’s aggressive media relations campaign delivers a one-two punch:

1) Deliver a consistent, powerful message,

2) Send consumers to Find an Inspector on the ASHI Web site.

The message: For your family’s protection, get an ASHI home inspection.

It is supported by three core-messaging platforms:

• Highest Standards,

• Cutting-Edge Expertise, and

• Most Stringent Certification.

From January through October 2009, ASHI’s campaign generated the following:

• more than 40 interviews,

• 11 press releases, and

• coverage in more than 700 media outlets. 

More recently, Jack McGraw, ACI and ASHI Director, filmed several segments for CLTV, and he was interviewed on the Real Estate Today radio show. The television show aired on WGN in Chicago.

Links to both are posted on the ASHI Web site in the ASHI News section.

As the Reporter went to print, interviews were taking place with the Seattle Times, and House Logic, a new National Association of Realtors® publication.

Through lobbying and media relations, ASHI promotes the value of a home inspection performed by an ASHI member.