November, 2004
From the ASHI President.
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

A Busy Season


November… cold winds are blowing and the holidays are beginning. I hope your year has been fruitful!

What a whirlwind October has been. I can’t believe how busy the last few weeks have turned out. I presented some courses at ITA’s Expo in Las Vegas, visited the Chapters in Massachusetts, and just returned from the California Real Estate Inspectors Association annual seminar where Rob Paterkiewicz, ASHI executive director, and I were treated to the opportunity of attending the formation of the newest Chapter of ASHI, the California Chapter. Roger Robinson and 14 other ASHI members attended the first gathering. We are anxious to see this Chapter grow across the state with many new members. The CREIA group was very hospitable to us and they were pleased the ASHI Board of Directors has recognized the Certified California Inspector requirements as meeting our entrance requirements for ASHI Membership.

Recognizing credentials

Some people have complained that we have lowered our requirements for joining ASHI. Be aware that is simply not true. The Board recognized there are credentials just as strict and difficult to achieve as our entry requirements, and we have in those specific cases agreed to allow those who deserve it an opportunity to join the Society. These are not Candidates or new inspectors, but long-time inspectors with many years under their belts. They still must show proof of inspections and successful coursework and testing. As a result, some Texas (TAREI) and Canadian (Registered Home Inspectors) have joined ASHI. And, now, some from CREIA will be joining us.  

Discussing the Web site with NICASHI

October 13, amid presidential debates and the Red Sox/Yankee fiasco, I met and had a long evening at the Northern Illinois Chapter of ASHI (NICASHI). We discussed the Web site—specifically, how to set preferences and metro information. Many of our members still have not performed these simple steps that will almost instantly make them more accessible to MORE home inspections. NICASHI has done some wonderful work with the Veteran’s Hospital in Illinois, and I suggested putting out some press releases letting everyone know about that. Hats off to President Ed Massart and the committee that made our vets more comfortable.

Enjoying The ASHI Experience news from Arizona

Arizona ASHI recently wrote me to tell me how branding is going for them. According to Nan Mitchell, Arizona Chapter executive director, it is working gangbusters! The chapter is spending its grant funds on lots of public relations and advertising, and the membership is excited by the results.

Appearing on “Ask This Old House”

I am doing my best on the National scene as well. Yesterday, I filmed a huge segment for “Ask This Old House.” Richard Trethewey and I inspected a brownstone home in New York City for carbon monoxide, which is sure to please all of you looking for ASHI on the PBS airwaves. I understand it’ll be on in December or January. We are working with CNN as well.  

Looking ahead

As I write this, I’m preparing for Chapter Leadership Day in Chicago. I hope your
chapters are sending your leaders and future leaders for leadership training and orientation. This is something we do annually, but it is especially important this year because so much good chapter stuff is planned and lots of ASHI Experience data will be discussed. NICASHI is planning to send 16 members, and we are expecting more than 180 people for the training and the board meeting. That’s exciting. Next month, my report will discuss the results of that board meeting.

Until then, take a few moments each day and enjoy the season.