February, 2007
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

2006 Annual Reports: Report from the Treasurer


david-tamny.gifThe 2005-2006 fiscal year is now over, and we are proud to report that we have ended the year with a modest surplus. We intend to use this surplus to continue our efforts to build reserves and strengthen ASHI so that we can continue to provide the products, services and educational resources our membership desires. The finance committee views itself as the steward of the membership’s resources. We who serve on the committee are guided in that responsibility to make wise fiscal decisions.

ASHI has just completed its annual independent audit. This once-a-year process takes place to assure our membership that our financial house is in order. Our membership can take pride in the fact that ASHI remains in a strong position to continue to serve the needs of the membership.

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to fund the online education portion of Smart Track, which will soon be up and running on the ASHI Web site. Smart Track will include a series of downloadable chapter modules that can be used for education at chapter meetings.  This is a major accomplishment for ASHI, and it should be a significant resource for our membership. This program will provide a series of learning modules designed to assist Candidates in movement to full Member status.

ASHI continues to be diligent in managing its resources, and we have pledged to keep dues at the same level for 2006-2007. Richard Bennett, ASHI director of finance, works very hard behind the scenes to keep a close watch on expenditures. While our membership growth has been good for 2005-2006, we are expecting some challenges for 2006-2007. A slowing housing market in many areas of the country is having an impact on the home inspection industry. Retention rates for full Members have continued to be strong, but Candidates appear to be having more difficulty succeeding. This translates to reduced membership retention for new people in the business. For this reason, we must work extra hard to be wise stewards of our resources.

ASHI remains committed to being the voice of the home inspection industry. Our core values have not changed in that we embody the highest standards and ethics in the industry. We believe that when a consumer seeks out a qualified inspector, he or she should choose an ASHI inspector. We continue to allocate our resources to media outreach through Manning Selvage and Lee, our public relations firm, to get the word out to the public. No other home inspection organization can match the media penetration that ASHI has achieved.

I have been proud to serve as your treasurer for 2005-2006, and I am thankful that you have re-elected me to serve for 2006-2007. I feel that I have more work to do in this capacity, and I hope to continue to earn your trust. It truly has been a rewarding experience.