February, 2004
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

2003 Treasurer's Annual Report


Joe-Corsetto.gifThe American Society of Home Inspectors continues to enjoy stable financial health through sound business practices and accounting methods. In August 2003, ASHI secured the services of a new auditing firm for accounting and tax preparation. We had a good relationship with the auditing firm we’d used for many years; however, the desire of the Board of Directors is to demonstrate that accurate and honest accounting practices that can be relied upon are in place. Therefore, we generated an evaluation of the Society’s financial health from an independent auditing firm to assure best practices were being implemented.

The recently completed audit of financial statements of activities, functional expenses and cash flow was for the fiscal year 2002-2003, ending September 30, 2003. The findings were positive, and the independent auditing firm concluded that ASHI’s books are healthy. The Society has been fortunate to have professional staff and a conscientious Director of Finance. As of January 2004, the Finance Committee will be working with a new Finance Director, Dick Bennett, and we all wish him the best in his newly appointed position.

Our Society has been actively committed to branding the virtues of ASHI and its Members. This project has consumed a significant amount of human and financial resources throughout the last fiscal year and will continue into the 2003-2004 fiscal period. A milestone has been achieved: we are moving the Society in a single direction to make ASHI synonymous with home inspections. The Board and our professional staff, with guidance from our consultants, have charted a course with specific budget targets to keep us on track. This plan is infused in all aspects of the day-to-day operations of ASHI, and it’s the benchmark for expenditures and activities. Your leaders have laid the foundation to make the journey of branding, The
ASHI Experience program, with financial security. I am proud to be part of this historical moment in our profession.

It has been my pleasure and professional honor to serve our Membership this year.