January, 2012
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

10 Years Ago in the ASHI Reporter


Referencing history can be profound or it can be fun. Today, let's take a look back for fun. How many of you were reading the ASHI Reporter ten years ago?

The cover article was "The Essentials of a Snow Melting Control System," by Clifford NcNeill. It and all technical articles published for the past decade are available on www.ashireporter.org.

In addition to the technical article, members and chapters were featured.

Members Making News

ASHI members, including the following, shared their successes in gaining the attention of local media to promote themselves.

Jim Rooney's article, "Inspectors play key role in buying a house," appeared in the "Capital-Gazette 2001 Guide Book," which was distributed by four Washington, D.C./Baltimore/Annapolis-area newspapers and local real estate agents. ASHI received prominent billing.

Ken Goewy,
Heartland chapter president, alerted HQ to three ASHI-related articles that appeared in the Home Section of the Minneapolis Star & Tribune October 13, 2001, as a result of the chapter's public relations efforts.

ASHI Member Norm Clark, Olathe,
Kans., was pictured and quoted in The Star article "Hot Jobs, Home Inspectors."
John Ghent, ASHI president, is quoted by Lew Sichelman in the electronic newsletter FINANCIALwire.

ASHI Members Jack Fehlandt and Dave Flaskramp
were reappointed to Membership chair and Treasurer of the Great Lakes chapter, according to a report in the Chamber Corner of The Streamwood Examiner, a suburban Chicago newspaper.
Establishing a relationship with the local press and broadcasters can pay off. Something as simple as announcing a new member or chapter event, or as complex as educating the public on new legislation, provides an opportunity for publicity. Let HQ know when you succeed.

Help Your Neighbors

Chapters were encouraged to designate April as ASHI Chapter Community Service Month and pointed toward the Protecting Our Kids From Disaster program developed by the Institute for Home and Business Safety, helping to retrofit a child care center and to local Rebuilding Together contacts.

Take the plunge

Taking the first step to volunteering can be the most difficult. Involving your chapter members makes it easier and more fun. After all, many hands make light work. If your chapter participates in a community service program, take some pictures and let us know about it so we can feature the activity in the June ASHI Reporter. Email sandyb@ashi.com.

ASHI in Action at NARĀ® Show

Volunteers from the Chicago area were recognized for joining staff to work at the Realtors Conference & Expo held November 2001.

Postcards From the Field
And, then as now, Postcards From the Field was a popular feature.

Are there any good ideas here for ASHI members today? If so, it's been fun and rewarding looking back. (Still not up to the profound level.)