November, 2014
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ASHI Training Approved Under the G.I. Bill – Des Plaine


ASHI Training Approved Under the G.I. Bill – Des Plaines, IL

The ASHI School (TAS) is so very proud to announce that after several months of hard work, our Des Plaines, Illinois location has been approved under the Veterans Administration for all governing chapters under the G.I. Bill. The school is ratified by the Illinois State Approving Agency for the enrollment of qualified veterans and/or eligible persons to receive G.I. Bill educational benefits.

TAS is just busting at the seams with this exciting news and wants to share it with our readers. Since we began the task of seeking approval with the VA for G.I. Bill benefits quite some time ago, our goal has always been to help our veterans. As stated in a previous article - “Veterans make great home inspectors – as they transition from protecting our country to protecting homeowners.” To date, we have had our first veteran using the G.I. Bill graduate in our September 2014 class in Des Plaines. We have 4 more registered for our upcoming course in November 2014 using their G.I. Bill benefits as well.

However we do not want to forget the number of veterans that have already graduated from the school. Prior to the approval of the G.I. Bill for our Des Plaines, IL location, the school had been approved for Vocational Rehab and Employment which many veterans did take advantage of. Our total number of graduated veterans since the schools inception is 35. The school is proud to have helped these veterans and we are looking forward to helping many more with our G.I. Bill approval.

You may ask, “How does this help our Veterans?” The answer is, “In more ways than one!”

When a service member is discharged, he or she may be looking to start a new career. With schools approved under the G.I. Bill for Illinois, all educational costs are paid for. This allows the veteran the opportunity to commit to a course of study without worrying about the money.

Furthermore, with home inspection classes taught by knowledgeable, experienced ASHI Instructors, these students gain knowledge along with hands-on training – a valuable commodity in today’s business market. The schools Pathway to Success provides ongoing support provided for one year, home inspection software for one year and a website for six months- all for free.

Another question you may ask is, “How does ASHI contact veterans to let them know of this new benefit?”

The answer is, “In more ways than one!”

We reach them through the schools website.

We reach them with our marketing campaign.

We reach them through our ASHI Chapters.

But definitely, and most importantly, we reach them through YOU and the word of mouth.

We are asking our loyal readers to pay it forward for our veterans. If you know a veteran, talk to a veteran, or know someone who knows a veteran, please mention The ASHI School, and the new VA/G.I. Bill approval at our Des Plaines location.

We do hope we can count on you to spread the word and in the process help give our veterans the business opportunities they may be searching for. Offer them our telephone number; they can call with any and all questions. We are here to help. Please help us help them. 888-884-0440.

Thank you,

The ASHI School